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420 Shop: The best online headshop in Europe

420 Shop is a online headshop with a broad range of cannabis related products. At 420shop you can buy the best bongs, grinders, rolling papers and cannabis seeds. Check out 420 Shop's lifestyle section for the best souvenirs and accessories. We strive to be the best headshop in Europe. that is why we guarantee high quality products for the best price and with great service. Orders are shipped discreetly every weekday. If you have questions, fill in our contact form, send us an email or send us a Whatssapp.

Buy a bong & accessories

When you want to buy a bong you will find a large selection of bongs and accessories in our headshop. The most popular bongs are made of glass and are available in various sizes, colors and designs. You can upgrade your current bong with pre-coolers, adapters and downpipes or a new bowl. Take a look at our extensive range. When you have questions about using a bong, the supplies or which parts fit a particular bong? Feel free to contact us. Even in the weekend you can ask us a question by means of a Whatsapp message!

Rolling Papers & Bluntwraps

In our online headshop you will find all popular rolling paper brands for the best price! It does not matter whether you want to buy one pack of long rolling paper or a box of paper that is priced at extra cost. Also for blunts and blunt wraps you are at 420shop at the right place. In addition to the wraps made from hemp, we also sell various long rolling papers with flavor. With more than 100 different rolling papers and blunts 420shop is the best online headshop. All rolling papers are delivered immediately from stock, ensuring a fast shipment of your order.

The best herb grinders for weed

If you want to grind your herb, you use a grinder. We only supply the best weed grinders. 420 Shop has a wide range of herb grinders for a great price. From cheap acrylic grinders to a luxury weed grinder with pollen sieve. In our wide range you will find well-known brands that are known for the high quality of their products. For example: Black Leaf, Sharpstone and Thorinder. In addition, you will also find various grinders that are disguised as a recognizable object such as a Pokemon ball, a cookie or a hamburger.

Everyting you need to make a joint

A handy tool for rolling a joint is a rolling tray. Thanks to the rolling tray, you will no longer leave any mess on the table. When you are looking for a cheap decorated tray on which you can roll a joint, we have plenty of choice. Even when you cannot run a joint yourself, we have handy tools. For example with the Futurola joint roller you can easily roll a tight spliff in no time.

Lighting your joint, weed pipe or bong

When you smoke a joint, weed pipe or a bong, you naturally want to use a high quality lighter that will not let you down. In our range you will find a large selection of well-known brands such as BIC lighters. When you light a weed pipe or bong, you usually hold the lighter at an angle. The great thing about a Clipper lighter is that the flame gets bigger when you tilt it. This makes it a nice lighter for the cannabis user. In addition, the flint is easy to replace and you can use it as a tampng tool.

420shop has the best cannabis seeds

In our 420 Seedshop you will find the best cannabis strains. Browse our seed collection and find the strain that meets all your requirements. Refine the selection by specifying the desired flowering time, price and breeder. Buying seeds with 420shop is discreet, fast & safe. We have the most famous brands in stock. If you can not find your favorite cannabis strain let us know and we will do our best to add it.

New cannabis accessories on 420 Headshop

Our headshop product range is complemented with new items every month. We stay on top of the latest developments in the cannabis industry. Are you looking for a specific 420 product that is not yet in our assortment? Or cannabis seeds from a seedbank that is not yet in our seedshop? Let us know and we will do our best to meet your requirements!