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4:20 or 4/20 is a term that refers to the consumption of cannabis and the cannabis culture..

The term 420 was conceived by a group of students from the San Rafael High School in California. This group of friends called themselves the Waldos because they often hung around a wall and used cannabis there. They used the term as a code word for the use of cannabis. The concept of 4/20 or Four Twenty arose because the group had agreed at this time (4:20 PM) to look for a number of hidden cannabis plants. Read more about the meaning and origin of the term 420.

Over the years, the concept grew into a phenomenon and April 20 became a date on which cannabis is consumed in many places and the existence of the plant is celebrated. On this day, the ban on cannabis is being demonstrated worldwide.

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"420Shop is an online Headshop with nice cannabis souvenirs"

On our webshop you will find a collection of cannabis souvenirs, clothing, gadgets, cannabis seeds, tobacco products and accessories, for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

Cannabis souvenirs from famous brands:

Aleda - Bluntwrap - Cannabuds - Cones - Elements - Flamez - Futurola - Greengo -  Jaja - Juicy Jay - Kavatza - OCB - On Balance - Plagron - Raw -  Rizla - Sharpstone - Smoking Papers - Volcano

Wij verkopen wietzaden van:

Barneys Farm -  DinaFem  - Dutch Passion - Green House Seeds  - Royal Queen Seeds  - Sensi Seeds - Spliff Seeds - Strain Hunters - Sweet Seeds -  The Bulldog Seeds - Vision Seeds

420 Shop has a wide range of cannabis seeds. In addition to regular cannabis seeds, there is a very wide range of feminized cannabis seeds and autoflowering seeds.

Why you should order on 420shop: Wide range of products, Fast & discrete shipping

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Check out our Headshop Sale page for the best deals. Also check out the cannabis seeds on sale.

Our shop will be regularly updated with new articles. Do you have a suggestion for a nice product that fits our range? Feel free to contact us!

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