Buy cannabis seeds and cannabis accessories with Bitcoin

Buy safe and discreet cannabis accessories and cannabis seeds in our online webshop with bitcoin or other cypietal currencies such as Litecoin or Monero. Are you looking for food for your weed plants, weed items such as a weed pipe or a bong, and do you want to pay with Bitcoin? At 420shop you can make all your purchases through a secure connection.

Advantages of paying with Bitcoin

    • Speed: Paying with Bitcoin is fast, transactions are also processed during the weekend! Whether you pay with Bitcoin from the Netherlands or abroad.
    • Secure: Paying with Bitcoin is secure. When you make a backup and your Bitcoins are stored in a safe place.
    • No intermediary: For a Bitcoin transaction no intermediary such as a bank or company such as Paypal is required.
    • Annonymity: With Bitcoin transactions no personal data, location or IP address is stored on the blockchain.
    • No barriers: Everyone can use Bitcoin via your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Buy Bitcoin

If you don't have a bitcoin yet, you can get it in the following ways.

  • Buy your bitcoin on an exchange such as Coinbase and get $ 10 free Bitcoin when you buy for $ 100 in bitcoin.
  • Koop je Bitcoin via iemand die je kent of via ons! Neem contact met ons op en betaal via Paypal, bankoverschrijving of contant.
  • Find a Bitcoin ATM in your area (is usually the most expensive option).

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is virtual money that has gained popularity in recent years. All transactions from the Bitcoin network are stored in a blockchain. Blockchain is a decentralized peer-to-peer network that is spread over millions of computers via the internet.

How can I pay on 420Shop with Bitcoin

Once you have a Bitcoin wallet and sufficient Bitcoin balance, you can place an order through our webshop.