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Bong accessories and spare parts

In our online headshop you will find a wide range of water pipes and bongs. This naturally includes spare parts such as adapters and downpipes. In addition, we offer a mountain of extra parts to upgrade your bong such as pre-coolers, bowls and screens. Also for cleaning a bong you can find various products at 420Shop such as bong cleaner and various tools.

How to use a bong?

Using a bong or water pipe is fairly simple. Fill the pipe with water to the required level. If you want to smoke weed through a bong, make sure that the weed has crumbled well, preferably use a good grinder. If necessary, place a screen (gauze) in the bowl and fill it with your favorite cannabis. Use a good lighter or hemp wick wick and keep the flame close to the bowl. When the bong has an air hole (kickhole) it keeps it closed. Take a hit from the bong and take your finger off the air hole. After inhaling the smoke you can blow it out immediately. It is a myth that you get stoned even more when you hold the smoke longer. The only effect you will feel over time is a lack of oxygen. THC is absorbed directly into your bloodstream, and you only feel the effect after a few minutes.

Every bong has a bowl

A bowl is the part that the cannabis goes into. A metal bowl can usually be turned through the thread of the downpipe. while a glass bowl is attached to a downpipe or has a grinding connection. Most glass bongs have a grinding connection of 14.5 mm or 18.9 mm (also called joint size). Pay attention when buying matching accessories for your bong if the joint size matches. Adapters are also available that function as an inverter and transform an 18.9 mm connection into a 14.5 mm connection.

Some bongs come with a downpipe chillum. This is a downpipe and bowl in one. The advantage of a separate bowl is that you can replace it with a better model. In addition, there are "lift off bowls" that you remove from the bong while smoking so that the air can flow through the bong faster. This is very useful when the bong has no kickhole.

Carb hole / kickhole

A carb hole is an extra air hole that is above the water level of the bong. If you keep this hole closed during smoking with your finger and then release it, the smoke will be pulled out of the water pipe quickly. A kickhole is often also incorporated in weed pipes and provide a sort of equal effect

Bowl Screens

You need a screen to smoke almost all water pipes, weed pipes and bongs. This gauze ensures that your cannabis does not fall into the water or end up in your mouth through your pipe. Most bongs / bowls are delivered without a screen. You must order these meshes separately. The product always indicates whether screens are supplied and which size you should buy or which type of screens are the most suitable.

What is a Percolator

A percolator is a small sub-chamber that is built into the shaft of a bong. They are often beautifully designed elements in a glass water pipe. There are percolators in different forms. For example in the form of a mushroom, jellyfish, showerhead or a UFO. These elements are also often made with colored glass, making them beautiful eye-catchers.

Built-in Dome Diffuser:

Diffuser comes from the word difuse which means spread / distributed in Dutch. A diffuser ensures that the smoke is divided into smaller bubbles and the smoke is cooled better. There are diffuser adapters or downpipes that have extra notches so that the smoke is better distributed. But a bong can also have a dome diffuser that does the same. These elements also look nice and are often colored in the color scheme of the water pipe.

Dabben is smoking cannabis oil and concentrates. This is also possible in combination with a water pipe. Various accessories are available for it. Read for more information about making hash oil and using our dabbing page.

Adapters for glass bongs.

An adapter can be placed directly on the fitting / connection of a glass bong. The bowl can be placed in this. There are adapters with and without downpipe, this is the part that sticks in the water. There are also adapters that divide the connection in two, such as with the Double Bowl Adapter. Also useful are the adapters that function as an inverter and transform an 18.9 mm connection into a 14.5 mm connection.

Various sizes of adapters:
The connection of the adapter to the bong and of the adapter to the bowl is often called Sure Grinding or Joint Size. Pay attention to this when buying a bong and the accessories that you purchase here.


A pre cooler is an extra setup piece for your bong. They filter and cool the smoke before it enters the bong. They are available in various shapes and colors and have extra features. A pre-cooler can for instance contain a percolator and / or diffusers.