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At 420shop you can find the best Black Leaf products like grinders, rolling trays, bongs & much more! Black Leaf is known for its high quality products. All products are delivered directly from stock. Free shipping from € 60, -.

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Black Leaf Smoke Accessories

The Black Leaf brand comes from Germany and produces various smoking accessories at an affordable price. They design and produce stylish bongs in all shapes and sizes. In addition, Black Leaf has a wide range of precoolers, bowls and downstems. Some bongs are simple and sturdy while others deserve an award of originality.

Black Leaf Bong

Smoking cannabis is done most stylishly with a bong. Shamans in Asia and Africa discovered long ago that psychoactive substances are enhanced by cooling the smoke. Black leaf has influenced the development of bongs for over 20 years. The triple tree percolator bong has a 3-chamber system with 8-arm percolators each. In this system, you see the water bubbling powerfully, which cools down the smoke well. A remarkable model is the crab bong. The shower head percolator cools down the smoke well and inside this glass bong is a crab.

Rolling tray

Black Leaf has more cannabis related products like rolling trays and grinders. The LED rolling tray is very useful to store all your smokables. It has LED lights, so you can roll a joint in the dark. They are available in different colours. In our assortment we also have grinders in different price ranges, such as the Mega Crusher grinder and a simple metal weed grinder.

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