Elements is a Spanish company that produces smoking products. The smoking papers are made of rice paper and are available in different sizes. Elements Red papers are made of 100% hemp and include the criss-cross watermark. Therefore the paper burns slowly and equally. In our assortment you can also find Elements filter tips, ashtrays and rolling trays.

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Elements Rolling Papers

Elements Rolling Papers is a Spanish company with a wide range of smoking accessories. The name is inspired by the four elements earth, water, wind and fire. The rolling papers are produced in a nature-friendly way. Each paper contains a crisscross watermark that ensures that your joint burns consistently. During the production process wind energy is used. Of course, Elements papers are designed to be lit by fire.

Elements Papers and Tips

All rolling papers of this brand are made of rice paper and are ultra thin. In addition, no chemicals, hemp or pulp are used in the production process. Elements papers come in two sizes. Kingsize papers are used to make thicker joints. With kingsize slim papers you can make thinner joints. We also have filter tips from this brand in different sizes. The wide filter tips are useful when you want to make the tip a bit longer and with the perforated tips you can roll a tip easily and quickly.

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