The brand Flamez is known for good quality rolling papers at an affordable price. This rolling paper is available in kingsize and kingsize slim size. The paper burns slowly and equally. Besides smoking papers, this brand also has filter tips, grinders and cones.

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The brand Flamez brings high quality smoking accessories on the market at affordable prices. Besides good quality rolling papers, they also have filter tips, grinders and cones in their assortment. 

Flamez Rolling Papers and filter tips

Flamez papers are made of 100% wood pulp. Before, the paper was made of wood and hemp fibre. But thanks to this new formula the paper burns even slower and is more transparent. The packaging contains a layer of silicone, making it water-repellent. This means that the contents of your packet of rolling paper will not get wet immediately when it comes into contact with a little water. These papers are available in kingsize and kingsize slim size. The filter tips are available in standard size and in mini size.

Flamez Smoke Accessories

Flamez has more cannabis accessories like 4-part grinders including a pollen sieve. With this grinder you grind the weed in equal pieces so, your joint will burn smootly. These grinders are compact and have a diameter of 30mm. They are large enough to shred weed for a joint and small enough to fit in your pocket. Flamez grinders are available in different colours. Flamez Budget Cones are available in a large package. There are 1000 cones of 109mm in a box. Each cone has a built-in filter tip.

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