Futurola is a Dutch company that has been producing smoking accessories such as rolling papers and filter tips since 1996. The Amsterdam-based company became known worldwide with the Futurola joint roller. On 420shop you'll find a wide range of Futurola products. In our extensive vloei assortment you'll find several kinds of Futurola papers. The standard kingsize papers in the well-known blue packs, and the narrower kingsize slim papers in the orange packs. Since 2018 Futurola has added unbleached brown papers (Dutch Brown) to its assortment. When you prefer to smoke a small joint or cigarette, you can buy the small white packs of smoking papers.

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Futurola Rolling Papers and Filter Tips

This brand has been around for many years and produces 420 friendly products. The Futurola papers are of good quality and available in kingsize and slim size. These are the well-known blue and orange packs of rolling papers. There is also unbleached paper; the Futurola Dutch Brown. These are also available in 2-in-1 packs of smoking paper. A combi pack contains paper and filter tips. This way, you have everything you need to roll a joint. We also have wide Futurola filter tips for those who want to roll a more robust joint. If you prefer to smoke a small joint or stickie you can buy the small white papers.

Futurola joint roller

The Futurola joint roller is a popular rolling machine. With this machine, you can easily roll a joint. For those who find it hard to roll a joint, this roller is the solution. It is a user-friendly device in which long rolling papers of different brands fit. Should a part wear out or get lost (mats and pin & clips), then you can order them separately here at 420shop. The rollers are available in different colours and sizes. Besides the king-size joint roller, there is also a small roller. With this, you can easily roll small joints or cigarettes.

Buy a 420 gift

A Futurola Roller gift box is always nice to receive or give. This richly filled gift box contains: a Futurola joint roller, grinder, rolling papers, filter tips, lighter and a joint tube. So, you really have everything you need to make a joint. Order before 16:20 and your order will be shipped today. Each set comes in a handy metal tin where you can store all your smoking accessories.


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