Juicy Jay

Juicy Jay is a famous rolling paper brand developed by Josh Kesselman. He is also the inventor of the first unbleached king-sized rolling paper RAW. Josh was nicknamed Cool Jay by a few friends. When he launched his first rolling paper (with menthol flavor), he named it "Cool Jay's". His second product was rolling paper with watermelon flavor. And that's when Juicy Jay was born.

Juicy Jay Rolling Paper

Juicy Jay's are rolling papers with a rainbow of different flavors. The rolling papers are made from hemp and the adhesive edge is made of natural gum. The ink that has been used to indicate the different types of fruit and flavors on the paper are based on soy. A pack of king size Juicy Jay contains 32 tasteful rolling papers. The packages are sealed in plastic so that the juicy flavor is preserved.

Juicy Hemp Blunts

The hemp blunt wraps by Juicy Jay are a sensation for blunt enthusiasts. The wraps are made from hemp and do not contain tobacco or nicotine. Therefore the Juicy Hemp blunt wraps are cheaper than the regular blunts. There are 2 hemp wraps in a resealable package so that the blunts retain their flavor and do not dry out.

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