Jumbo is a brand of rolling papers that produces good quality papers that burn slowly and consistently. In our online headshop you will find different kinds of Jumbo rolling papers, tips and cones in various cheerful colors and sizes.

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Buy Jumbo Rolling Papers

Jumbo is a brand of rolling papers that produces good quality joint papers. You can buy the Jumbo rolling papers in king size slim and king size. The paper burns slowly and consistently. Jumbo also has unbleached paper (kingsize slim) in its assortment. The paper is ultra thin and contains no chemicals. Therefore, the papers are light brown in color.

Kingsize Rolling Papers

Do you want a slightly thicker joint? Then buy Jumbo Kingsize Blue papers. This paper is wider, so more weed fits in. This is especially useful when you smoke a joint with a group of friends. Are you smoking several joints at once at a party and do you want to recognize your joint? Roll your joints in pink paper, so you can immediately see where your favorite weed is. A pack of Jumbo Pink papers (kss) and filter tips contains 32 papers and 32 tips.

Jumbo Filter Tips

Rolling a joint with a filter tip has advantages. There is an optimal airflow which makes your joint burn efficiently. Rolling a joint is easier with a tip and the weed does not fall out quickly. Jumbo has various types of filter tips in its assortment. Besides unbleached and pink tips, there are also tips that look like Dollar and Euro bills. Don't feel like folding a filter tip or don't have the time? Then buy Jumbo pre-rolled filter tips. Don't feel like rolling a joint either? Then order Jumbo Cones.

Jumbo Cones

Jumbo cones are great for making a quick and easy pre-rolled joint. Each cone already contains a filter tip. All you have to do is fill the cone with delicious cannabis and fold the joint. Also included is a straw to gently press the weed. The nice thing about Jumbo cones is that they are available in different bright colors such as green, blue and pink. If you want to smoke a joint discreetly buy the regular white or unbleached Jumbo Cones.

Jumbo rolling papers order online

Jumbo papers can be ordered at 420Shop. Ordering online is easy and safe thanks to our secure SSL connection. If you place an order on weekdays before 16:20, it will be shipped the same day. In our webshop you can buy Jumbo products per piece but also per box. Buy Jumbo rolling papers, tips and cones in bulk for the best price. Do you have questions about one of our products? Send an email to contact@420shop.nl  or fill out the contact form.

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