Whether you are looking for a discreet storage box for your cannabis accessories or a stylish tobacco pouch. In our headshop assortment you will find various wooden Kavatza boxes and other rolling equipment such as the tobacco pouches.

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Kavatza Secret Hiding Place for Cannabis

Kavatza originated after the makers of this brand looked for a solution to their problem. The table was always a mess after rolling their long cigarettes. The tobacco fell from table and their smoking gear always spread around the room. Their solution was to have a nice and discreet box that has a capacity for all their smoke accessories. These beautiful wooden boxes are made in Greece. The name Kavatza in Greek means: a convenient secret place to hide.

In our online head shop you can buy various Kavatza boxes

Whether you're looking for a discreet storage box for your weed stuff, or a nicely designed box in the form of a book with rasta print? In our headshop assortment you can find various wooden Kavatza boxes. Each box is hand-edited and carefully put together. The box has several compartments in which you can store your smoking supplies. Every Kavatza box contains a slightly bent wooden tray which keeps the rolling paper in its place while rolling a joint. Another useful item is at tamper tool. With this you can press your joint after rolling. The tamper tool is attached to the box with an elastic string so that it does not get lost. In the lid of the box is a handy paper holder.

Original Kavatza Box with a secret lock

You can order the original type of roller box from Kavatza in different designs, like a weed box with cannabis leaf. A nice thing about these boxes is that they are difficult to open for those who do not know the secret mechanism. The box can be opened by sliding the wood to the right at the front. This will remove it from the lock and you can fold the lid upwards.

Kavatza Cannabis Flower Joint Box Kavatza Amsterdam Joint Box

Buy a Kavatza book

Are you looking for a good storage box for your stuff and do you prefer a box that opens easily and is also decorated with a nice print? Then a Kavatza book is exactly what you are looking for. They can be ordered in various versions. The most discrete version is the Pi Unique box that looks like a chic book from the Middle Ages. There are various subtle geometric patterns on the cover. When you love fantasy books like Harry Potter, there is a model for you. The Habit has a fairytale cover with various illustrations.

There is also a version for the Rastafarian. The Kavatza Zion Book is a beautiful book with the rasta colors: green, yellow and red. The text KING OF ZION is on the front and side of the book. There is also a picture of a lion on the front. This is a typical symbol of the rasta culture. It symbolizes Haile Selassie, an emperor of Ethiopia.

Kavatza Zion Joint Boek Kavatza Pi Unique Wiet Boek

Dimensions of the books:

The books are available in 3 sizes, the largest is the Bong Book. These are a size bigger and contain some extra accessories such as a storage drawer, cutting board and a knife. Handy for those who regularly smoke hashish or need more storage space.

  • The small book is 18.5cm long, 13cm wide and 5.2cm high.
  • The large version is 22.5cm long, 16cm wide and 7cm high.
  • The extra large bong book is 29cm long, 22.3cm wide and 7cm high.
  • These are the dimensions measured from the outside. The dimensions of the inside are listed with each product.

Rolling Pouches & tobacco pouches

The Kavatza boxes and books are very useful for the home or garden. But when you're on the road or at a party, you're not going to walk with a big box under your arm. Rolling pouches are the ideal solution for this. This stylish tobacco set is available in different sizes and designs.

Leather Kavatza Rolling Pouch Kavatza Peacock Tabaksetui

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