Marley Natural

Marley Natural is best known for top quality smoking accessories, such as grinders, rolling trays, bubblers, cannabis pipes and more. All products have a natural and stylish look. Sustainable materials are used without the addition of chemicals or plastics.

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Marley Natural

Marley Natural is a company that stand for positivity, connectivity and, of course, the magic of the herb. Inspired by Bob Marley's philosophy and character, Marley Natural aims to bring not just durable products available on the market, but also products that are authentic and environmental friendly designed. At Marley Natural, they believe in the healing and positive effects of cannabis and in the beauty of nature. Marley Natural's product line is inspired by Jamaica's vibrant energy.


The Marley Natural grinders look elegant and stylish. Whether you prefer the small or large grinder, they're both very luxurious. The large grinder has teeth that are specially designed, so you can choose whether you want to coarsely or finely grind your cannabis. There's also a glass wall around the chamber where your ground up weed falls in, so you can watch it as it drops.

Pipes, bubblers and bongs

The Marley Natural pipes, bubblers and bongs look even fancier! There's two versions: one made from walnut and glass, and the other is made from smoked glass. The walnut versions are beautiful als decoration and are perfect if you love nature. The smoked glass versions look a bit more modern and elegant. All Marley Natural products are made with durability and environmental awareness in mind.


The Marley Natural holders are, as are all their products, stylish and durable. Using the Marley Natural Holder, you can store up to two joints and keep them safely stashed away. With the Marley Natural Small Case, you can store multiple joints and all your rolling papers, filtertips and cannabis. Pretty cool, right? That way you'll have all your rolling accessories in one place and your pre-rolled joints will be safely stored. The holders are made from wood and look absolutely fantastic.

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