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Mascotte is known for their rolling papers, filters, filter tubes and smoking accessories. It is one of the most popular rolling paper brands in the Netherlands. The filter tubes and rolling devices are also popular among smokers who want to make their own cigarettes.

Buy Mascotte Rolling Paper

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At 420shop you will find various types of Mascot rolling paper, including:

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History of Mascotte

The Mascotte brand was launched after the Second World War by the tobacco company Mignot & De Block. There was an import ban during the war, causing a shortage of rolling papers in the Netherlands. The owner of the company (Frank Mignot) therefore bought a batch of paper from a printing company in Limburg in order to make the first Mascotte rolling papers. A nice fact is that this paper was normally used to print Bibles. Over the years, the products have been further developed and supplemented with various smoking products.