Mascotte is a Dutch company with just one goal: to make the perfect cigarette papers. After 160 years of experience, they can do this better than anyone else. From slow burning, lightweight papers to their packs with magnetic closure. Besides the Mascotte papers, there are several filter tips and joint rollers available. The filter tubes and roll dispensers/cigarette fillers are also popular among smokers who want to make their own cigarettes.

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Mascotte Rolling Papers and Filters

The renowned "Mascotte" brand has earned a well-earned reputation in the world of smoking and rolling tobacco. Of course, in a country like the Netherlands where the joint has become popular, long rolling papers cannot be missing from the range. Mascotte joint rolling papers are available in different varieties. The king-size version is fine when you prefer wide rolling papers. The slim size is the narrower version and is available in different types of rolling papers.

The history of Mascotte

The Mascotte brand was launched after the Second World War by the tobacco firm Mignot & De Block. There was an import ban during the war, causing a shortage of rolling papers in the Netherlands. The owner of the firm (Frank Mignot) therefore bought a batch of paper from a printing company in Limburg to make the first Mascotte papers. A fun fact is that this paper was normally used to print bibles on. Over the years, Mascotte has developed into one of the leading brands in the industry, and it is known for the quality and craftsmanship of its products.

Variety of Rolling Paper and Tips

One of the reasons why Mascotte is so popular is the variety of cigarette papers they offer. Smokers have a choice of different types and sizes of rolling papers, allowing them to find their personal preference. Whether you prefer thin or thicker papers, Mascotte has something for everyone. In addition, Mascotte also has various types of filter tips in its range such as: slim filters, made of organic material and active filters. A combi pack contains rolling papers and filter tips and the pack closes neatly with a magnet.

The Environmental Aspect

Mascotte also pays attention to environmental awareness. At a time when sustainability and environmental conservation have become central issues, Mascotte has taken measures to ensure that their production process is environmentally friendly. This includes things like the use of sustainably produced tissue paper and packaging. The bags are now made of 100% recycled plastic. The Mascotte slim filters have been changed. These tips are now plastic-free, but made of paper rather than acetate. The adhesive edge remains on them and is made of gluten-free Arabic gum.

Rolling the Perfect Cigarette

For many, rolling the perfect cigarette is an art form in itself. It starts with choosing the right rolling paper. Thinner paper is often preferred to enhance the flavour of the tobacco. The texture of the cigarette paper also plays a role, as it plays a part in how well the cigarette can be sealed.

Rolling a cigarette with Mascotte rolling paper requires precision and patience. The tobacco must be evenly distributed on the paper, and the rolling itself must be done carefully to create a firm cigarette. Once rolled, the cigarette can be sealed using the adhesive edge found on the papers. Finding it difficult to roll a cigarette? Mascotte also has a Classic Hand Roller in its range. This allows you to quickly roll a cigarette or a small pure joint.

Buy Mascotte Rolling Papers

In our online shop, you can buy Mascotte rolling papers for the cheapest price. Order rolling papers per pack or per box. Orders placed on working days before 16:20 will be shipped the same day. At 420shop you will find various types of Mascotte rolling papers, including:

  • Mascotte long rolling papers kingsize and slimsize
  • Mascotte Organic (unbleached rolling papers)
  • Mascotte Pink (pink rolling papers)
  • Mascotte combi packs
  • Mascotte & Amsterdam Genetics papers

Complete your Smoking Experience with our Rolling Trays and Grinders

From rolling the perfect cigarette to experiencing environmentally conscious choices, Mascotte offers everything you need for the ultimate smoking experience. And to complete your joint experience, don't forget to explore our extensive collection of rolling trays and grinders. Our rolling trays offer a useful and clean workspace to prepare your rolling papers and tobacco, while our high-quality grinders ensure a fine grind for your tobacco or herbs. With these practical accessories, you'll make rolling the perfect joint easier than ever before.


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