RAW Paper

RAW paper is produced and developed in Spain. RAW was the first brand to bring unbleached rolling paper to the market. These brown papers do not contain chlorine or other chemicals. All RAW products are made as environmentally friendly as possible. Most products have been made co2 neutral by means of wind energy. Hemp is also often used as raw material, which makes production more sustainable than regular paper.

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Different kinds or RAW papers

Thanks to the many types of RAW rolling paper, there is a solution for every smoker. From the standard king-sized rolling paper to a pack of rolling papers with filter tips, from pre-cut cones to RAW Artesano with a handy rolling tray. Do you want to roll a large joint? Then use the RAW Supernatural paper of 28 centimeters long or the 3 meter long paper on a roll.

Many different filter tips

In addition to the regular filter tips, there are various accessories that make rolling a joint easy. For example, wide perforated filter tips that you can easily fold, gummed filter tips with a sticky edge or pre-rolled filter tips. Extra cotton filters are also available for extra filtration of the smoke.

RAW Smoking Accessories

RAW has various smoke accessories that make rolling a joint, or smoking and storing cannabis easy. With all these accessories the Joint Roll Machine must not be forgotten. This device is made of hemp plastic and is very durable.

For the storage of your king-sized rolling papers or cones there is a solution. The Kingsize Paper Box keeps your rolling papers protected and the Cone Caddy is a good storage place for pre rolled cones and joints. With the RAW Hemp Wicks you can use your joint, weed pipe or bong lighter without the use of butane gas. The hempwicks are made of hemp rope and coated with organic beeswax, which creates a natural smoking experience without butane or sulfur.

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