Royal Blunts

Royal Blunts are experts in tobacco and smoking accessories. They are constantly pushing their boundaries with innovative products such as: Hemparillo, XXL Hemp Wraps and Hemparillo Cones.

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Royal Blunts

Royal Blunts has been producing tobacco and smoking accessories since 1995. The company is based in Southern California and has innovative products such as: Hemparillo Wraps, XXL Hemp Wraps and Hemparillo Cones. These hemp wraps and cones resemble traditional blunts but are tobacco free and therefore not affected by the Tobacco and Smoking Products Act. This makes them cheaper than blunts made from tobacco leaves.

Hemparillo Wraps

The Hemparillo blunt wraps are perfect for when you want to smoke a blunt. Not only are these wraps made from hemp instead of tobacco leaves, they also have delicious flavours. Each package contains 4 wraps. That way, you won't have to buy a new package immediately after trying it out, and trust me, you're going to want to try more than one. You can pick from various flavours, and they're all equally delicious. You can choose between flavours such as strawberry, blueberry and bubblegum. Even OG Kush is an available flavour! Do you prefer blunt wraps without flavour? Check out the Naked wraps.

XXL Hemp Wraps

These blunt wraps are extra extra long! They're perfect for when you want to smoke a blunt with a few buddies. These wraps are also made from hemp rather than tobacco leaves. Each package of XXL Hemp Wraps contains 2 wraps.

Hemparillo Cones

Want to enjoy the experience of Hemparillo wraps without having to roll them yourself? Well, you're in luck, because Hemparillo wraps are also available in pre-rolled cones. All you have to do is fill it and light it. Filtertip is included! Each package contains 2 cones.