Smoking Papers

Smoking papers is one of the most used and well-known brands rolling paper. The different packages of Smoking Papers can be bought in almost every coffeeshop in the Netherlands. Ordering online in our 420 Store is of course much easier and cheaper! Order your king size rolling papers today before 4:20 PM and they'll be shipped the same day!

Smoking Papers is a proven brand, since 1879 the rolling papers have been sold for the first time. Over the years, the assortment of Smoking Paper has grown considerably. In addition to the well-known gold and blue packs, the assortment has been expanded over the years with various rolling papers. All papers from Smoking Papers have a adhesive edge made from natural gum.

In 1998, Smoking Green was put on the market which was made from 100% hemp fibers instead of wood pulp. The production of hemp fibers is better for the environment than trees. In 2010, Smoking introduced their first unbleached rolling papers: Smoking Brown. This king-sized rolling paper has the same dimensions as the Smoking Gold and Deluxe. No chlorine is used in the production process of the smoking brown flow. Because the paper is unbleached, it is a brown color.

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