V-Syndicate is a lifestyle brand focusing on the cannabis and smoking accessories industry. This brand is especially known for its good quality card grinders and original designs. They also work with celebrities such as Cheech and Chong, Snoop Dogg, and Wiz Khalifa. The nice thing is that, you can buy several matching products of the same design. Do you like the colourful cameleon design? Then you can order matching products such as the grinder, rolling tray and ashtray.

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V-Syndicate has original and good quality smoking accessories. This lifestyle brand has licensing agreements with different artists. They strive to help companies grow their brand. Nice designs of Einstein, Tesla, Alice in Wonderland in combination with cannabis are available as grinders, rolling trays and ashtrays. 

Rolling Trays

A rolling tray is the ultimate tool for stoners. The trays are designed with the user in mind. They have smooth surfaces and curved edges to ensure a comfortable rolling experience. There is also a wide choice of original rolling trays from classic stoner designs, to art inspired by your favourite cartoons, to original, trippy rolling trays.


Grinders are ideal for grinding your weed in seconds. This makes rolling with rolling papers and blunt wraps much easier. This ensures a smoother smoke and a more even combustion. V-Syndicate is especially known for its Card grinders. These are portable, lightweight, easy to hide, environmentally friendly and easy to use. The V-Syndicate grinders have 4 parts and close with a magnetic lid. The sharp teeth grind the weed which then falls on the pollen sieve. The pollen fall through the sieve and is collected at the bottom of the grinder. Then you can scrape them together with the supplied scraper and add them to your joint.

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