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Getting rid of Bud Rot or Mold

Your cannabis plants are in bloom, and almost ready to be harvested. Then you discover a grey mold in your cannabis plants. It is called bud rot, and almost every outdoor grower has experienced this at least once. Bud rot is also known as botrytis cinerea. This nasty gray mold will spread if you don't take precautions. What now? Can you still smoke the weed? Read more about how you can recognize, prevent and remove this mold.

Recognizing mold & bud rot in your plants.

When you notice some leaves on the buds turn yellow always inspect he base of these leaves. This is where the mold starts. You can recognize bud rot by looking closely at the leaves that grow in between the buds. Do you see discolouration in the leaves and do they fall off easily when you pull them? Then your plants will almost certainly have bud rot.

It is important to check your plants daily for pests, discolored leaves and fungi.

Toprot Toprot schimmel in plant Botrytis

What should you do when your plants have this mold?

When you discover fungus in your plant you must take immediate action. Cut all rotting with clean scissors, disinfect the scissors in between so that the fungus does not spread to the healthy parts of the plant. Even though your weed is not yet ready for harvest, do not wait a day longer and start harvesting. Put the affected buds in a plastic bag and ensure that the spores can not spread any further.

How to prevent bud rot?

Low temperatures in combination with high humidity are ideal for fungi. In indoor cultivation, keep the humidity low towards the end. In outdoor cultivation, you can not control the weather, but you can take some measures to reduce the chance of bud rot.

  • The most important thing is to keep your plants healthy. Healthy plants are less susceptible to diseases and creatures.
  • Select cannabis seeds that are mold resistant. Some weed species are better suited for indoor cultivation only.
  • Work hygienically, wash your hands in between. Other plants in the garden can also be affected by mold.
  • Make sure your plants stay as dry as possible. shake the dew in the morning and plant after a rain shower.
  • Put the plants in a place that gets enough sunlight and ventilation from the wind.
  • When you have the possibility, you can put the plants at night (in a dark place) where they are protected against moisture and cold.

Can you smoke cannabis buds infected by bud rot?

This is certainly not recommended, it can be very harmful to your health.