Buying a weedplant or clone

Are you looking for a cannabis plant or clones because it is easy and takes a shorter amount of time then seeds? Unfortunately, the purchase of cannabis plants or clones has been banned in the Netherlands since 1994. Marijhuana clones under the penalisation in the Opium Act. In the past you could still buy plants at the grow shop, nowadays this is punishable. The possession of a maximum of 5 cannabis plants is tolerated. That does not mean that it is legal, but that you are not prosecuted if you renounce after discovery.

The best alternative for buying cuttings is to grow them yourself with cannabis seeds. The breeding cycle may take a little longer, but it also has some advantages. The choice of different types of cannabis seeds is enormous! You do not have to go into the illegal circuit in search of a dealer of clones, where the quality of the cuttings is not always as high. You are also less likely to take over insects and nasty pests from another grower.

What exactly is a cannabis clone?

A clone of a cannabis plant is a small branch with leaf of the mother plant. A clone is about 10 centimeters long and contains at least one fully grown leaf. You can pick up several hemp clones from a mother plant.

The most commonly used cannabis clones are generally the types of weed that are most commonly sold in coffeeshops in the Netherlands. The following strains are the most popular

  • White Widow clone (a white weed strain that can be bought in almost every coffeeshop)
  • Amnesia Haze (Sativa dominant strain with a very strong effect, this type of weed is relatively expensive)
  • Northernlight (A typically Dutch weed that has served as a basis for many crossings)
  • Bubblegum (compact weed with a very wanted sweet aroma)

Cannabis clone

Growing mother plants for the production of clones / cuttings

Often the mother plants themselves are grown by growing selected cuttings or by making a selection from cultivated seeds. A mother plant is often placed in a separate grow room and can be used for months to harvest clones from. You can even keep a mother plant alive for years, but the quality of the cuttings can deteriorate due to illness or stress. After 1 to 2 months, cuttings can be collected weekly from the motherplant. A weed clone needs about 2 weeks under fluorescent lights to have grown enough roots.

Advantages and disadvantages of growing with cuttings


  • The cultivation cycle is shorter compared to cannabis seeds.
  • Cuttings of a female mother plant are always feminine.
  • Cuttings from the same mother plant are homogeneous (the same genes).
  • No hermafrophites (plants that are both male and female).


  • Buying cannabis planst or clones is not legal.
  • Risk of pests and insects from another growers room.
  • More work than growing with seeds.
  • Not possible with autoflower strains.

Growing mother plant from seeds

Do you want to start breeding a mother plant yourself? First make a choice from a suitable cannabis strain. For convenience you can use feminized seeds, but you want to do it right than choose regular seeds and make a selection of the best mother plant. The advantage that feminised seeds have is that you have much more choice from different types of weed. Many seed banks nowadays only sell feminized seeds. The disadvantage of using feminized seeds for a mother plant is that the chance of hermaphrodites increases considerably.

Breed your own cannabis seeds

To grow seeds, you need male and female plants. For this you need regular (not feminized) seeds. Use the pollen of the male plant to fertilize the female plant so that it will produce seeds. Hundreds of seeds can descend from one fertilized plant. So you can still make your own stock, so you do not have to buy new seeds every time you grow. Cannabis seeds are unfortunately not indefinitely sustainable, but under the right circumstances you can store them for a number of years.

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