The versatility of the hemp plant is reflected in our product range. Besides the many cannabis related items you can buy in our shop, we have a wide range of cannabis food, drinks and accessories. Candy like cannabis lollipops, biscuits, chocolate or energy drink. But also various products with CBD added to it, like CBD chewing gum.

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Cannabis Snacks, Food and Drinks

Besides the many types of cannabis seeds you can buy in our seedshop, we have a wide range of food, sweets, drinks and accessories. You name it, it exists! Have you ever tried an ice cream with extract of the cannabis plant? We have, and they taste great!

Buy cannabis lollipops

In our assortment you will find cannabis lollipops in various flavours. What they all have in common is that an extract of the cannabis plant is added. Hemp has a distinctive taste, you have to love it. To make some lollipops, extra flavours are added like: Bubblegum, strawberry or banana.

Do you get stoned from a cannabis lollipop?

Does this get you stoned, I hear you thinking. Well no, the substance that makes you high (THC) is not processed or in such a small quantity that it is not noticeable. Cannabis lollipops in general do not contain any psychoactive ingredients and are completely legal.

Are there edible or drinkable products with THC?

Some foods made from the hemp plant may contain a small amount of THC. For example the CBD tea made from real hemp buds. However, the amount of THC is below the legal maximum of 0.2%.

Making space cake with a cannabis leaf

Baking with cannabis has never been so much fun. Use a cake tin with a cannabis leaf to make your space cake even more attractive! Are you looking for fun recipes with cannabis? Order the cannabis cookbook with various recipes for brownies, cannabis butter, cake or cannabis milk.

Food supplements with cannabis extract.

In our CBD shop you can find several supplements with CBD oil. Cannabidiol (CBD) is just like THC a cannabinoid that is found naturally in the hemp plant. CBD is not psychoactive and is completely legal.

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