Hemp is also often used in many cosmetic products such as shampoo, body lotion, hand and foot cream and lip balm. All cosmetic products in our headshop comply with European standards and are legal. This means that they do not contain more than the permitted percentage of THC (0.2%). You will not get stoned or high of it.

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Hemp Cosmetics

Hemp seeds are used to make hempseed oil. This oil is used in cosmetic products such as: cream, massage gel, skin care and toothpaste. We also have lip balm, shampoo (also for children) and body lotion in our assortment. The hemp oil contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and has an anti-inflammatory effect. There are also minerals and vitamins in the oil. This improves the quality and resilience of your skin.

Difference between hemp and cannabis

The hemp or cannabis plant is a versatile plant from which you can make many different products. Some of these products are marijuana, weed and hashish. These can contain a considerable amount of THC that makes you stoned or high. Hemp itself, on the other hand, contains too few psychoactive substances to get stoned from. But it can be used to make many other products like: clothing, building materials, cosmetics, food and many more.

Hemp Fibre

Hemp plants have many advantages. The plant does not need pesticides and improves the structure of the soil. In addition, the hemp plant absorbs a large amount of CO2 from the air and may therefore be the plant of the future.

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