Dabbing is heating and inhaling cannabis concentrates. For dabbing you need a number of products such as: a dab rig, nail, dome, torch and a dab tool. Some vaporizers are also suitable to vape concentrates with. Take a look at the complete assortment of our headshop. Place your order on workdays before 16:20 and it will be shipped the same day. If you have any questions about buying dab products please feel free to contact us. Our employees can even be reached in the weekend via WhatsApp message.

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What is dabbing?

Dabbing is inhaling the vapours of cannabis extracts. You heat the dabs to a certain temperature, then you inhale the tasteful vapour that comes from this. Dabbing is a new way of smoking cannabis. Weed contains between 10 and 25% THC but a concentrate contains between 60 and 90% THC. This is 4 times as much as in a joint. Always take it easy when you first start dabbing. 

What do you need to dab?

It is similar to smoking a bong but slightly different. With a bong you smoke dried cannabis buds and when you go dabbing you use concentrates. Instead of a bong you use a dab rig. Some bongs can be converted into a dab rig with a few accessories. You also need a dab nail. This is usually included when you buy a dab rig. This is a kind of bowl to put the concentrate in. But before you put the concentrate in, you have to heat the dab nail with a burner. A lighter is not suitable for dabbing because you need a higher temperature. Because the dab nail gets so hot, you also need a dab tool to put the concentrate in. Of course, you also need a concentrate to dab. But where do you buy cannabis concentrates?

Different types of cannabis concentrates

Cannabis concentrates and dabs cannot be bought in the coffeeshop. But you can make most dabs yourself. You can extract concentrates using alcohol, ice-cold water, CO₂ or butane. The most popular dabs are Shatter, Wax, Rosin and oil. Wax is quite easy to make and you can also use it in a vape pen. 

How does a Dab Rig Work?

Using a dab rig is quite simple. Put everything you need to dab ready and start heating the dab nail with the propane torch. Afterwards you wait until the nail has cooled down a bit. The nail can be made of different materials. A nail made of titanium needs 10 to 20 seconds to cool down. But when using a quartz or ceramic nail you can start dabbing after 45 seconds. Scoop with your dab tool a piece of concentrate and bring it in contact with the nail. Inhale the vapor and enjoy the effect.

Dabbing with a Dap Pen Vaporizer

For those who find the process of dabbing with a dab rig too difficult, there is also an option of using a dab pen. Both a dab rig and a dap pen are tools for vaporizing concentrates. The advantage of a dap pen is that you can discreetly enjoy your cannabis concentrate and you can micro-dose cannabis. In addition, the device is portable and easy to use. Check out our dab pen category for various models.

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