Are you looking for a nice cannabis poster to decorate your room? In our decoration category, you will find several posters for your wall. We sell various Neon / Black Light posters. These give a nice luminous effect when a black light shines on it.

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Blacklight Posters

Blacklight posters were very popular in the 60s. In those days, there was a poster on every wall with superheroes, cartoon characters or dugs. Then you lay in a dark room listening to psychedelic tunes and enjoying surrealistic visuals and fluorescent glow of blacklight posters.

How do blacklight posters work?

Blacklight posters are printed with fluorescent ink. This ink contains phosphors which light up when exposed to ultraviolet light. Fluorescent ink absorbs invisible ultraviolet or "black" light and re-emits it as a bright, visible colour. This makes the poster appear to glow when the black light is turned on.

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