Stash Cans

Stash cans are storage containers for storing your cannabis or other valuable items. Whether you want to hide money, keys or herbs, you'll find a stash container to suit you in our assortment. Some containers are incognito and look like everyday household items.

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Stash cans, cigarette boxes, storage boxes

Handy boxes to store your weed, hash, cigarettes or other items. In our Online Headshop you'll find all sorts of storage boxes for cigarettes, tips, rolling papers and other smoking accessories. On these cigar boxes are often nice cannabis related illustrations. But when you want to store things less obvious, the secret stash containers are the right choice. These stash cans look like household products and feel equally heavy. But they are empty on the inside, so you have plenty of space to store your things.

Keeping cannabis fresh

Light, heat and above all moisture cause the cannabinoids to be damaged. So, it is important that the storage area is dark and cool with a temperature of between 15 and 21°C. Also make sure you seal the stashcan or container tightly if you want to store weed for a long time. If you forget this the weed will dry out making the smoke tasteless and sharp. The ideal humidity is between 54% and 63%. If you store your weed in a place that is too damp, you will soon see mould on your stash. But fortunately there are various storage options for every budget.

Storing weed for a long time

Of course you want to avoid mould on your weed, so make sure the jar or container has a tight-fitting lid. The glass weckpots are a good example of this. The storage containers of C-vault are suitable for the storage and curing of weed. Especially in combination with the Boveda Humidipak, effective cannabinoids in medicinal cannabis are not lost. The airtight boxes of the Tightvac brand are available in various sizes and designs. Make sure the lid of the tightvac can is not covered with THC crystals, otherwise it will be a bit stiff.

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