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Different kind of cannabis strains & genetics

The most famous types of cannabis are the cannabis Sativa and cannabis Indica. These species have different properties, both in appearance and effect. To be able to make a good choice from our wide assortment with cannabis seeds, it is useful if you are familiar with the different cannabis varieties.

Cannabis Sativa

Sativa weed plants are long, loosely branched and have long, narrow leaves. They are on average 1 to 3 meters high. In general, Sativa weed strains have a high THC content and a low CBD content. The effect of Sativa weed is often more spiritual, and gives a strong uplifting high.

Cannabis Indica

Indica plants are short, densely branched and have wider leaves. In general, Indica weed species have a lower THC content and a higher CBD content. The effect of Indica weed is often more physical, the feeling that you are heavily stoned and do not want to get out of your seat is also called 'couch lock' and is typical of Indica species.

Cannabis Ruderalis

There is still speculation about the origins of Cannabis Ruderalis, many believe that this species is a descendant of indica genetics adapted to the harsh climate and the shorter growing seasons of the northern hemisphere. Cannabis Ruderalis comes from areas in Asia, Central / Eastern Europe, and in particular Russia.

Most cannabis seeds you can buy nowadays are not pure Indica or Sativa but hybrids. These hybrid species are the result of a cross between different varieties.

Top 5 famous cannabis strains


A sativa dominant cannabis strain with a high THC percentage and a low CBD value, it has a powerful psychedelic effect. The Amnesia has a typical fresh citrus taste and smell. The effects are euphoric and physically stoned feeling, a real "couchlock" strain.
Damnesia Strain Hunters

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Haze is a Sativa dominant cannabis plant. Haze has a high THC and a low CBD content. The original haze plant is long cannabis plant with a long flowering period, sometimes twice the number of Indica plants. With hybrid haze crosses, the flowering period has been significantly reduced thanks to the genetics of indica species. The tops of a haze plant are, like most pure Sativas, long and thin with large intermediate space. Haze is loved because of the unique smell, taste and strong psychedelic high.
Super Lemon Haze - Green House Seeds

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Popular Northernlight Zaden:

Northern Light Sensi Seeds

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This type of cannabis probably owes its name to the strong smell. The original Skunk # 1 was grown by Sacred Seed Co. at the end of the 1970s. Various varieties were later launched on the market by Dutch Passion, Flying Dutchmen, Nirvana Seeds, and Royal Queen Seeds and Sensi Seeds. It is a hybrid type of weed with a high yield and euphoric high. In the UK, the term skunk is synonymous with good strong weed.

White Strawberry Skunk - Strain Hunters

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White Widow

An old school cannabis strain that is virtually on menu of every Dutch coffeeshop. The White Widow has won many cannabis awards since its inception in 1994. The oppionions differ on who ultimatly had discovered this world-famous plant. In the course of the years many crossings have been put on the market by numerous breeders, but what was original White Widow? 
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