Headshop, Smartshop & Growshop in Belgium

Our online headshop with cannabis seeds, bongs, rolling papers and smart products is located in (North Brabant) Netherlands, near the Belgian border. In Belgium it is difficult to to find good headshop, seedshop and growshop products. You are forced to buy some of your supplies in a store in the Netherlands. Of course this is also possible in our online store! Would you prefer to drive along yourself to pick up your order in person, then that is possible by appointment. For information about our products, please call us on working days. Via Whatsapp message we can be reached 7 days a week. You can also simply fill in our contact form.

Buy a bong in Belgium

Headshop 420 shop

We offer a wide range of bongs and water pipes in all materials, shapes and colors. Also for accessories such as screens and pre-coolers or replacement parts such as downpipes, bowls and adapters, 420shop is the right place! For maintenance of your smoking products, we have various tools and brushes in all sorts of sizes. For cleaning we have cleaning agent for all materials.

Order a herb grinder from Belgium

In the Netherlands we say weed grinder or herb grinder, in Belgium usually a crusher. Whatever you call it, with us you can buy the best weed crushers! We have crushers for cannabis in all materials, colors and shapes. Whether you are looking for a cheap plastic grinder, or a sustainable alluminium grinder from a certain brand? We have it in-house and almost always directly from stock. Well-known brands such as Sharpstone, Thorinder and Black Leaf can be ordered from us at the best price! Is the item cheaper in another store? Let us know and we will adjust the price.

We are your headshop with affordable shipping to Belgium

Due to the large number of packages that 420shop sends to Belgium and other European countries, we have been able to enforce competitive prices at our transport companies. As a result, we ship all orders from € 60, - FREE throughout Europe! The delivery time within the Netherlands and Belgium is usually one working day. When you place an order on working days before 16:20 it is almost always sent the same day.

You can also order Smartshop products from us

A smart shop is known for various trip agents and herbs that they sell. Previously, fresh mushrooms were also sold. Nowadays this is no longer allowed. Grow kits are still available in most smart shops. You only have to add water to these ready tom go breeding kits and follow the instructions. With this you can easily grow mushrooms yourself. We do not currently sell triplicates, truffles or grow kits, but if you are interested, please contact us.

However, you can buy various other smart products with us such as CBD oil, pasta, crystals, or other products where CBD is processed such as tea or honey. We also have capsules for pills or CBD oil. We have an extensive range of hemp related products. In our online headshop you can also order real hemp. This CBD rich hemp contains virtually no THC and remains below the limit of 0.2% THC which is established at European level. This allows us to sell and ship this product legally to Belgium and throughout Europe.

Order Growshop products from Belgium

Also products that are intended for the small-scale cultivation of cannabis can be ordered from us. We do not sell tents or lamps that are specifically intended for the professional cultivation of weed indoors. However, you can order nutrients for cannabis plants from us. These nutrients and additives are available in small packages for the cultivation of a few plants. You do not have to buy large quantities where you have to throw away a large part afterwards. Ideal when you want to grow a plant in the garden. We also have various breeding supplies such as scissors and pots for cannabis plants. To view your plants up close, we have a handy pocket microscope. We also sell a handy folding drying rack for drying cannabis. For the storage of cannabis we have jars and Tightvacs. These are air-tight and ensure that the aroma of your weed is preserved.