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Buy the best king size rolling papers online

Smoking Paper logoWhen rolling a joint with king size rolling papers you obviously want the highest quality available. At 420shop we have a wide range of rolling paper brands. Here is our top 5 of popular and famous rolling paper brands.

1: Smoking paper

One of the most used and popular brands of rolling paper in the Netherlands. Smoking Papers dates back to1879 when their rolling papers were sold for the first time. Over the years, their product range has grown considerably. The most popular are the Smoking Gold (king size slim) and Smoking Blue (king size) rolling papers. In 1998 their first rolling paper made from hemp was introduced. The production of hemp fibers is better for the environment than wood pulp. In 2010, Smoking Papers introduced a unbleached rolling paper called Smoking Brown.

2: Raw Smoking papers

RAW Papers Logo To be the first does not always mean the best, but RAW keeps on dominating the cannabis industry with creative products that meet the increasing demands of the consumer. RAW was the first brand to introduce unbleached rolling paper to the cannabis consumer. These brown papers do not contain chlorine or other chemicals. All RAW products are made as environmentally friendly as possible. Most products have been made co2 neutral by means of wind energy. Hemp is also often used as raw material, which makes production more sustainable than regular paper.

3: Juicy Jay Rolling Papers and Blunts

Juicy Jay

Juicy Jay rolling paper was first developed by Josh Kesselman. He is also the creator of RAW, the first unbleached rolling paper. The first Juicy Jay's were regular sized papers with menthol flavor. These days there rolling papers are available in more then 20 different flavors. Juicy Jay rolling papers are made from hemp. A pack contains 32 papers printed with ink based on soy.

In our online headshop you will find all king sized Juicy Jay papers, here is a selection of flavors:
Birthday Cake, Blackberry Brandy, Blueberry, Bubblegum, Coconut, Cotton Candy, Double Dutch Chocolate, Grape, Green Apple, Jamaican Rum, Pineapple, Mellow Mango, Very Cherry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Very Cherry.

4 Greengo

Greengo Logo

Greengo is a Dutch brand that has been developing innovative products since 2010. They originally started with a tobacco substitute. Soon followed more products like unbleached rolling papers, filter tips and grinders. All produced with recycled materials and with consideration for the environment.

5: JaJa Rolling Papers

Jaja LogoJaJa is a well-known brand in the south of the Netherlands. There products are have competitive prices compared to brands like Smoking Papers, but they don't lack quality. There product range is expanding each year. Of course they have rolling papers in all common sizes. There gold packs are kingsize slim, while the Silver packs are king size.

Have you ever heard of invisible rolling papers? JaJa has two types of papers made from cellulose, a kingsized version and a kingsize conical version. These papers are transparent and provide a view to the inside of your joint. With the introduction of JaJa pure, they expanded their range with unbleached papers. Soon followed there hemp based papers.

Buy king size rolling paper online

In our online rolling paper store you can buy the best rolling paper brands. In case your favorite paper or brand is not in our store yet? Please send u a message and we will do our best to add your favorite rolling paper to our store.