Bong Adapters

Adapters you can use to make your accessories fit your bongor dab rig. Handy when you accidentally ordered the wrong size bowl. With an adapter you can make an 18.8mm connection suitable for a 14.5mm bowl. Are you looking for an adapter of a certain size, and you can't find it? Or do you need help finding a suitable product? Feel free to contact us!

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What is a bong adapter

A bong adapter is a convenient connector allowing various sizes of bowls and other accessories to fit your bong or dab rig. Available in various sizes and both male and female forms, this connector offers versatility. With an adapter, you can, for example, make an 18.8mm connection suitable for a 14.5mm bowl, giving you the flexibility to tailor your smoking experience to your preferences.

Which Adapter Do I Need?

Different types of adapters offer a range of options to customize accessories for your bong or dab rig. Firstly, there are male adapters, featuring a protruding pin that fits into a female opening, often used for bowls and bangers attached to the bong or dab rig. Conversely, female adapters have a hollow opening accommodating a male pin, suitable for accessories like downstems and precoolers placed within the bong.

Additionally, there are adapters from male to male, connecting two male pins, and adapters from female to female, linking two female openings. These are sometimes used to add an extra extension to the bong setup or to connect two accessories with the same connection. Another type is from male to female, converting a male pin into a female opening, and vice versa, useful when using an accessory with a different type of connection than what your bong or dab rig typically has.

Advantages of an adapter

It is possible that you have accidentally bought the wrong size bowl. An adapter solves this problem. With an adapter, your bowl fits on your bong. It can also happen that your dab rig and bowl both have male connections. With an adapter you can make this accessory fit. Are you a real bong collector? Then all your bongs probably don't have the same connections. This way you can still use all your accessories on every bong in your collection. Or if you want to use the same banger on all your dab rigs, you can make it fit with an adapter. 

How to use an adapter?

It is important that you get the dimensions of the adapter and the bowl right. For each product, the dimensions are listed in the specifications. You also need to know whether each part is male or female. Once you have the adapter with the correct specifications, all you have to do is slide it onto the bong/dab rig and place the bowl/banger on the other end. Not sure which adapter is right for you or have other questions? Please contact our customer service team by emailing

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