Bong Downpipes

A down pipe is also called a downstem and is often made of glass. If your downstem is broken while cleaning your bong, you can order a new one here at 420Shop for a few euros. Pay attention to the length of the downstem. It should be long enough, so that the end of the pipe is under water. Do you need help in finding a suitable product? Feel free to contact us!

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Downpipes for Bongs and Water Pipes

Welcome to our extensive collection of bong downpipes! These essential bong components are not only functional but also a crucial part of how your bong looks. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or just beginning to explore the wonderful world of bongs, understanding the different options for downpipes is important for a good smoking experience.

What Size Downpipe Do I Need?

Determining the correct size downpipe for your bong is essential for an optimal smoking experience. Fortunately, there are simple methods to find the right size. If you already have a fitting downpipe, you can easily measure it from the end of the grind connection to the end of the downpipe. This will give you an accurate measurement of the required length. If you don't have a downpipe to measure, you can insert a pencil or another thin object into the bong to determine the approximate length of the downpipe. Keep in mind that the total length of the downpipe will be larger than the measured length because a portion extends into the bong. You don't need to include this portion in the length of the downpipe. By using these simple measuring methods, you can quickly and easily find the right size downpipe for your bong.

Types of Downpipes

A downpipe, also known as a chillum or downstem, comes in various materials and styles. A metal downpipe is often used in ceramic or acrylic bongs, and the bowl can usually be unscrewed. In a glass downpipe, the bowl and tube are attached together. The bowl is where the cannabis is placed, and in most cases, using a screen or pipe gauze is recommended. The tube is the part that goes into the bong, and it's important that it's long enough for the end to be submerged under water.

Diffuser Downpipe

A downpipe with a "slit diffuser," also known as a "diffuser downpipe," is an innovative addition to your bong that provides a smooth and optimized smoking experience. The "slit diffuser" is designed with narrow slits or openings that distribute the smoke into the water chamber of the bong. This has several benefits: firstly, the smoke is further cooled and filtered by the water, resulting in a softer and more pleasant inhalation experience. Secondly, the diffuser creates an increased surface area for the smoke, allowing for better mixing of air and smoke, resulting in a more even burn and requiring less pulling force. All of this leads to a more satisfying and efficient smoking experience. Additionally, the "slit diffuser" minimizes water splashing into the mouth during inhalation, making the overall user experience more comfortable. With a downpipe equipped with a "slit diffuser," you can enjoy an enhanced smoking experience where every hit is smooth, flavorful, and effortless.

Bong Adapters

If you want to make downpipes and bowls fit your bong, an adapter can be a convenient solution. Bong adapters are essential accessories that offer a world of possibilities for your smoking experience. Whether you want to add a new downpipe, use a different type of bowl, or simply expand the functionality of your bong, a bong adapter can be the perfect tool. When choosing an adapter, it's important to consider the sizes related to the connections of your bong, downpipe, adapter, and bowl. The most common sizes are 14.5 mm and 18.8 mm, also referred to as SG14 and SG19. By choosing the right size, you ensure that your bong accessories seamlessly fit with the rest of your setup, preventing leaks and other issues. Whether you're looking for an adapter, a extender, or a multifunctional adapter, our collection offers a variety of options to meet all your needs.

Buying a Downpipe for Your Bong

In our extensive collection of downpipes, you'll find everything you need for any bong. Whether you're looking for a traditional glass downpipe, an innovative diffuser downpipe, or one made of silicone, we offer a diverse selection of high-quality products. With carefully chosen materials and precise measurements, we ensure that your smoking experience is always smooth and flavorful.

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