All the accessories a weed smoker needs can be found in our online headshop. More then 100 different kinds of rolling papers in all sizes and from the best brands. Roll your own joints with our fine filter tips, or use a pre -rolled cone or bluntwrap. To make it really easy, you can buy a handy machine that will roll the joint for you. With our broad range of herb grinders you will find one that meets your needs! And with our handy rolling trays you will always have your smoking supplies in one place. Use a rolling kit for on the road or store your smoking accessories in a beautiful wooden Kavatza box.

Everyone Can Roll A Joint With A Joint Roller!

If you have trouble rolling a joint, we have the perfect solution! Use a joint roller of Futurola or RAW for example. With this handy joint rolling machine you can easily and quickly make a good joint. No more hassle with floppy joints that do not smoke well. At 420shop, you can also buy various replacement parts for your Futurola roller, such as a roll mat or replacement pin & clip. So you can keep on rolling with the same device for years and years!

Of course, at 420 shop you can also find Futurola papers and all other well-known brands. It doesn't matter if you prefer small papers for rolling a spliff, or if you want to buy long papers to roll a joint. In our extensive assortment you'll find a huge range of all supplies, accessories and cannabis products.

Roll A Big Joint?

If you want to roll a mega-large joint, you can buy extra long rolling papers at 420shop. RAW's Supernatural rolling papers, for example, are 28 centimetres long. Use extra wide filter tips for rolling large joints. Do you prefer to determine the length of your joint? Then you can go wild with rolling papers on a roll. These rolls of smoking paper have a length of 3 to 5 metres. Rolls of smoking paper are available from various brands such as RAW, Greengo and JaJa.

If rolling a joint is not easy for you, but you still want to smoke a big joint, there is a solution! The pre-rolled joint cones are available in various sizes. From a small cone of about 8CM to a giga cone of 28CM. These pre-rolled joint cones already have a filter tip and you only need to fill them with tobacco and/or cannabis. If you prefer to make your own cones, for example because you want to do this with a specific brand of rolling papers? Then you can make your own joint with the Rollmate joint roller. See the category joint accessories for handy tools for rolling a joint.

The Largest Assortment Of Weed Grinders

Of course you want to roll a joint with finely shredded weed. In our extensive assortment of weed grinders, there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a cheap grinder made of acrylic, or an exclusive cannabis grinder made of gold.At 420shop, you can buy the best cannabis grinders at an affordable price. Grinding cannabis with a crusher is faster, more efficient and cleaner. If you have any questions about buying a grinder, you can always contact a 420shop employee. You can send us a WhatsApp message 7 days a week, including weekends!

Rolling And Blunt Papers For Sale At 420Shop!

In our extensive assortment of rolling papers, you'll find all the well-known brands of long smoking papers. Brands like Smoking Papers, Raw and Futurola. But also a paper collector can enjoy himself in our collection of exclusive papers. When you want to add some extra taste to your joint, there are several smoking papers with flavours for sale. For example the kingsize papers from Juicy Jay are available in more than 15 different flavours. We also sell the best bluntwraps with or without added flavour. Blunts used to be made from tobacco leaves, but nowadays also from palm leaves and hemp. This flavoured hemp rolling paper is also available as a pre-rolled cone. This way you can easily fill the cone blunt.