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Blunt Wrap

The best blunts & bluntwraps

Add some flavor with bluntwraps made from tobacco or hemp. These blunt papers have a stronger flavor then most flavored rolling papers. The packaging is often resealable so that the bluntwraps remain fresh.

In our online store you can buy bluntwraps per piece or a whole box for a cheap price. We have all the best brands such as Juicy hemp wraps, King Pin bluntwraps and Pre Rolled Cyclone wraps.

Tips on rolling bluntwraps

Rolling a good blunt is not as easy as rolling a regular joint. A bluntwrap is a little bit stiff compared to regular rolling paper. To make it more easy you can first pre roll the weed in a regular kingsize paper. When the shape is right just transfer the weed to the wrap and continue rolling. Once the blunt is rolled you will notice the gum strip will sometimes not be sticky enough.To solve this problem just tear the gum strip from a regular paper and roll it around the bluntwrap.