Blunt Wrap

We sell blunt wraps in different flavours. The packaging is often resealable, so the blunts stay fresh. In our assortment you will find various blunt papers made of tobacco or Hemp Wraps made of hemp. Please contact us if your favourite bluntwrap flavour is not listed.

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Bluntwraps are made from pure hemp or tobacco leaves and are very popular among cannabis users. Blunts taste good and burn slowly. They look like cigars but with a generous amount of weed in them to get you extra high. Bluntwraps are available in different flavours to give extra taste to your weed. We also sell wraps with no added flavour, so you can enjoy pure cannabis. Do you find it difficult to roll a blunt? Then buy blunt cones. All you have to do is fill these pre-rolled wraps with your favourite weed.

Blunt Cones

Blunt cones are pre-rolled blunt wraps that you only have to fill. Each cone contains a built-in filter tip which makes it easy to make a perfect blunt. In each package there is often a tamping tool with which you gently press the contents. The bluntwrap then burns slowly and gradually. These blunt cones are also available in different flavours and brands. The wraps are sold per piece or per box and are available in a variety of flavours. Besides, there are also regular blunt wraps (without added flavour).

Royal Blunts

The Hemparillo Wraps from Royal Blunts are made of pure hemp without the addition of tobacco. These blunts are available in various flavours. Are you looking for an extra large size? Then Hemparillo XXL might be something for you. The wraps do not have a sticky edge, which makes them more difficult to close than rolling a joint with rolling papers. But with some practice and a bit of patience you will have rolled a blunt in no time. For extra strength you can tear off the sticky edge of a cigarette paper and wrap it around your blunt! Going for more convenience? Then buy the pre-rolled Hemparillo Cones.

Flavoured blunt wraps from different brands

Juicy Jay's hemp wraps are available in various flavours. They are made of 100% hemp and there are two bluntswraps in a resealable package. Kingpin Hemp Wraps are nicotine-free and burn well. They are available in a variety of flavours and are packed per 4. If you like it really sweet try the pre-rolled blunts wonderberry or Sugarcan from Cyclones. Try some and choose which suits you best. In our assortment you will find the best bluntwraps and cones from the following brands:

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