Acrylic Grinder

Acrylic is the most popular material for making grinders. These cheap grinders are strong enough to crush your weed buds. They can be bought in all kinds of shapes and colours. If you prefer to grind your cannabis with the best material, go for a metal grinder.

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Acrylic Grinder

An acrylic grinder can be used to grind cannabis and other dried herbs. Most grinders made of plastic are simple and easy to carry. There are fun models in the shape of a billiard ball or a yellow smiley face. Our 420 grinder is cheap and lightweight. It consists of two parts and has sharp teeth to grind weed.

Greengo Acrylic Grinder

The Greengo brand is known for their environmentally conscious products that are often made from recycled materials. The Greengo Acrylic Grinder is made from real recycled plastic containers that were used to store cannabis. The containers are melted down and recycled into grinders. The remains of the weed and hash are clearly visible.There are also rolling trays available that are made from the recycled weed containers.

Grinder made from hemp plastic

The Santa Cruz grinder is made from 100% natural hemp making it biodegradable. It has a small size and is easy to take to outdoor events. The advantage of this material is that it is very sturdy and does not break easily. But if you lose the grinder on the road, it will be completely biodegraded without a trace.

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