Metal Grinder

When you want to grind your weed, you obviously want to use a high-quality grinder. A metal grinder will easily grind your precious cannabis buds. The razor-sharp teeth grind will grind your cannabis better than a wooden grinder. Another advantage is that the material does not wear. In our extensive range you will find crushers made from high-quality aluminum, and even from 24 carat gold!

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Metal Grinder

A grinder is a handy tool to grind weed. But grinders come in all shapes and sizes. There are grinders made of metal, acrylic, or wood. A metal grinder has the advantage that it does not break easily and often the teeth are sharper. We also have funny weed crushers in our assortment, for example in the shape of a hamburger, biscuit, grenade or Star Wars. Check out our other subcategories to see our entire collection.

Large and small grinders

A 2-part grinder is a simple model with only a lid and the part where you put the weed in. After a few turns you turn the grinder over on a rolling tray. A 3-part grinder catches the shredded weed. There is also a 4-part grinder that also collects the kief. Many V-Syndicate grinders include a pollen sieve. These models have nice designs and also matching ashtrays and rolling trays.

SLX Grinder

The grinders from the SLX brand are made of durable material and will last a lifetime. In addition, there is a special non-stick layer on top. This prevents your weed from sticking to the grinder and you don't have to clean it. These models also have a pollen sieve that allows you to save THC powder to add to your joint or make a small piece of hash later.

Otto Grinder and Cone Filler

The Otto grinder is an ideal tool for those who simply enjoy luxury. The revolutionary electric OTTO grinder is an all-in-one device that not only grinds your weed flawlessly, but also fills your joint! This device makes rolling a joint very easy.

Thorinder Grinder

This grinder consists of 4 parts of which the upper parts are held together by a strong magnet. Typical for the Thorinder are the shapes of lightning bolts and the sharp metal teeth. Unlike most grinders that have only 2 angular teeth, the Thorinder grinder has 3! This way your cannabis gets crushed even better.

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