Wooden Grinder

Grind your weed or herbs with a wooden grinder. Each grinder has a unique natural look. The cannabis is shredded by metal pins. This will result in a chunkier grind than with an acrylic or metal grinder. This is considered advantageous by some. For example when smoking a cannabis pipe or bong, or when vaporizing your cannabis. If you prefer a crumbler that grinds your cannabis very finely, and is also very durable. Then it's best to buy a metal grinder.

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Wooden Grinders

Weed is best ground with a grinder. Whether you smoke a joint, use a bong or enjoy cannabis with a vaporizer, weed shredded into equal pieces gives the best smoking experience. Grinders can be bought in various shapes and materials. The nice thing about wooden grinders is that they are often hand-carved in various beautiful designs. 

Luxury Wooden Grinders

The Marley Wooden Grinder is an exclusive model for people who love quality. This grinder is made of durable walnut wood and the aluminium teeth are arrow-shaped. The metal interior has 3 tiers to grind your weed. When you turn clockwise, you get finer ground weed. But if you turn it the other way around, you get slightly coarser weed. This exclusive grinder is available in small and large sizes.

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