Joint Accessories

These useful tools make rolling a joint very easy. Need help with rolling? With the Futurola Joint Roller anyone can roll a perfect joint. Besides various joint rolling tools, you will also find helpful accessories for storing or filling a joint.

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Useful joint accessories

Need help with rolling? Here you will find the best joint tools to help you roll a joint. Take a look at the Futurola joint roller or the RAW roller, for example. If you are more into blunts, the Cannagar from Purple Rose Supply is probably the right choice for you!

Joint Tubes

Have you rolled a few joints, but don't want to smoke them right away or take them with you? Then you really need a joint tube. These are tubes in which you can safely store your joint. In some coffeeshops you get one with your pre-roll, but fortunately at 420Shop you can also order them separately. Or order a RAW Cone Caddy for yourself, which can hold up to 6 joints!

Joint rollers

At 420Shop we understand that not everyone can roll a joint. That is why we have a few different joint rollers in our assortment. With the Rollmate you can easily make a cone, which you can then fill with the RAW Loader. Or use the Futurola joint roller, the one from JaJa or RAW to roll a joint immediately. Are you someone who is up for a challenge? Then try our RAW Supernatural Roller! With this you can roll a joint of up to 30cm. Will you smoke it on your own or will you invite your friends over?

RAW Starter Box

This small box contains everything you need to roll a joint. You can also experiment a little with what you like. Do you want to roll a joint the normal way and do all the work yourself? Or do you use a pre-rolled filter tip for convenience? Actually it does not matter, because it is all in this little box. The box itself can also be used to store all your rolling accessories.

Nice gadgets

If you like to smoke two joints at the same time, the RAW Double Barrel is for you! You can put two joints in here and smoke them at the same time. Or take a look at the RAW Smoker's ring. Here you can also put in a tasty joint and smoke it. And it looks stylish too! Are you also tired of papers that stick together? Then the RAW Kingsize rolling paper box might be just the thing for you! This small box is not much bigger than a packet of rolling papers, so it doesn't take up much space, but keeps your papers protected.

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