Joint Tubes

A joint tube is very useful when you have rolled a joint, but you don't want to smoke it right away. At 420shop, you'll find joint storage tubes in various colours, sizes and materials. The most common size is 109mm, just right for a king-size joint. All tubes come with a cap.

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What are joint tubes?

Joint tubes are tubes in which you can keep a joint. When you keep a pre-rolled joint in your pocket or bag, there is a big chance your joint will break or get crushed. In a joint tube, you store your joint undamaged! This also prevents your joint from drying out. A joint tube usually fits one pre-rolled joint. They are usually made of plastic and are available in various sizes. Each joint storage tube contains a cap, so you can keep your weed odour-free.

There are also biodegradable joint storage tubes

The J-pack Bio Based joint tubes are made of plastic that is produced from Brazilian sugarcane. During the process of bio-plastic, no fossil fuels are used but it is produced from renewable biomass. This is more environmentally friendly to produce than traditional plastic. In addition, these products are biodegradable. These products can be recognised by the "I'm Green" label. J-Pack Bio Based Joint tubes are the ideal way to store pre-rolled joints, cones or blunts and you help to make the world a greener and cleaner place.

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