Joint Cones

Cones are very practical for those who have difficulty rolling a joint. The pre-rolled cones can be easily filled with cannabis. The cones are available in different sizes, from mini to mega joint.

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Cones and Pre-rolled Joints

Cones are basically empty joints that you just need to fill with what you want to smoke. Most cones already have a built-in filter tip. Sometimes rolling a joint can be tricky. For example, you may have put too much tobacco in your joint and have trouble closing the rolling paper. Or the adhesive edge does not stick properly. With a joint cone you don't have to worry about this anymore. Fill the cone and you have a quick and easy pre-rolled joint that you can smoke immediately. You can buy cones in different sizes and colors.

How to fill a cone?

You can fill a cone with just weed, tobacco or a mix of both. The easiest way is to prepare your smoking materials on a rolling tray. Grind your weed with a grinder and mix it with some tobacco if necessary. Often the cone is filled with a mix of tobacco and weed. This way you don't need as much weed as if you were making a pure joint. Then you fill the cone and close it at the top. To fill the cone it is easy to use the RAW Cone Loader. This is a kind of funnel with which you can slide your mixed material into the cone. With the wooden stick you can gently press the contents of the joint. You can also use the RAW Cone filler to quickly and easily fill your cones.

Large Joint Cones

Got something to celebrate? Try the Supersized or Giga Cones! A treat to smoke on your own. But of course much more fun with friends! The largest is the Challenge cone from RAW. This gigantic, pre-rolled cone is no less than 61cm and can hold around 50 grams of cannabis. Want to give your pre-rolled joints a different colour? Try the Jumbo cones in pink, blue or green.

Cone filler

A handy tool for filling (king-size) cones is the Cone filler, with which you can make 25 pre-rolled joints at the same time. Are you looking for an automatic cone filler? Then order the Otto Grinder and Cone Filler. This revolutionary electric Otto grinder is an all in one device that not only grinds your weed flawlessly, but also fills your joint! A cheap tool for filling cones is the RAW cone loader. 

Buying a pre-rolled blunt

Rolling a joint with a bluntwrap is usually just a little bit more difficult than with normal rolling papers. This problem is solved with the pre-rolled blunts. These blunts are available in different flavours and have a unique wooden filter tip with extra flavour! The Palmwraps can also be ordered in several flavours. These pre-rolled cones already have a filter tip and you only have to fill them. Your pre-rolled joints and blunts can be safely stored in a joint tube.

Buy cones

In our assortment you can choose from different brands of cones. The brand Jumbo has several cheerful colors of cones. If you are looking for unbleached cones, check out the empty joint cones made by RAW. Cyclones has pre-rolled transparent cones but also blunts with different flavors. Check out our blunt category for even more brands. J-Ware Joint Cones has wholesale packages of a few hundred empty joint cones in a box. If you have questions about any of our products please contact us by calling 0316-34848442 or emailing

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