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Rolling Papers

In our online headshop you will find a wide range of only the best rolling papers! Buy a pack of rolling papers per piece or per box! 420 Shop has the best brands of king rolling paper, rolling paper on a roll, rolling papers with different flavors and much more!

Buying Rolling Paper on 420shop

When you want to buy rolling papers you can not find a better online store than 420shop! We sell the most populair brands for the best price. Whether you want to buy one pack or a box of rolling papers, In our online store you can order cheap rolling papers from well-known brands such as Smoking Papers, Greengo and RAW. In case your favorite brand is not yet in our range, please send us a message and we will do our best to arrange this. When you buy papers in our online store you are assured of a fast shipment. All our orders are shipped daily in a discreet package. You can choose various secure payment methods such as iDeal, mr Cash, cash on delivery.

Roll a big joint

At 420shop you can buy papers from the best brands such as: Smoking Papers, Greengo Juicy Jay and RAW. These popular brands have various types of long rolling paper for sale. The most common formats are King size (wide rolling paper) and King size Slim (slimmer paper). The Smoking Blue is one of the most smoked King size papers, the Smoking Gold is the slim version. Most of the long rolling paper is about 11 centimeters long. But there are also exceptions. The RAW Supernatural is no less than 28 centimeters long! If you want to roll the biggest joint ever, you can order the rolling paper on a roll. This is for sale per roll of 3, 4 or 5 meters. So you decide how big you want to roll a joint.

The best brands the best price

In our extensive range you will find all the best manufacturars of rolling paper. In addition to well-known brands such as RAW, Smoking Papers, Bluntwrap, Elements and Greengo, you will also find lesser-known brands and collector items. For example, packs of Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg and other famous artists, or iconic brands such as Playboy. The collector can enjoy our range. If you are looking for a specific brand or type of rolling paper, you can always send us a message. At 420shop we strive to offer as complete a range as possible.

Different kinds of paper

Most people use long rolling papers to roll a joint. Do you prefer to roll a smal spliff? No problem! You will find plenty of products in our range. For example, we also sell small papers from Smoking Paper, Futurola and even unbleached rolling papers from RAW. The most common rolling paper for rolling a joint is the king size variant. The narrower variant Slim size  is also widely used. Not only in the size of the paper matters. The composition of the paper and the manner of production is important to. Commonly used raw materials for rolling papers are:

  • Wood pulp.
  • Hemp fiber.
  • Pressed rice.
  • Cellulose (degradable plant material).
  • Or a mix of wood pulp and hemp.

Bleaching agents are used in the production of regular white papers. Wood fibers have a brown yellow color of their own. Lignin is released when extracting fibers from wood. This material holds the fibers together and turns brown under the influence of light. By removing or bleaching this material, paper stays white. Not everyone has a preference for smoking bleached papers. RAW was the first brand to introduce unbleached rolling paper. This brown paper does not contain chlorine or other chemicals. Do you want to smoke a joint as naturally as possible? Then choose an unbleached type.

Add some extra flavor

If you like to add some extra flavor to your joint, you can buy various rolling papers with different flavors. The most famous are from Juicy Jay. Whether you like fresh fruity flavors such as strawberry, watermelon or cherry, or want to try something special once in a while. In our extensive range you will find a wide range of rolling papers with added flavours. If you want even more flavor, try the blunt wraps or use Dank 7 filter tips with sugarcane or wonderberry flavor!

Blunt Wraps

In addition to rolling a joint, the use of blunt paper, cones and wraps is also extremely popular. Blunts have always been made from tobacco leaves before, nowadays blunts and cones are also available without tobacco. These wraps are made from palm leaves or from the hemp plant. This hemp wrap with flavor is also available as pre-rolled cone. These pre-rolled joints already have a filter tip and can easily be filled with your favorite weed or hash.

420 shop: your #1 online headshop

420 Shop is the number # 1 online headshop with an extensive range and great prices. Do you see your favorite rolling paper or other product cheaper elsewhere? Send us a message and we will take care of it. At 420shop we find satisfied customers important, which is why we often go one step further. Your order will always be well packaged and shipped insured in a discreet package, so that your package always arrives in the right condition. In addition, you will receive a nice gift with every order.

Do you have questions about rolling papers or other products in our range? Please contact us. The employees are available 7 days a week via email and via Whatsapp message (06-34848442) for advice and answering questions. Of course you can always call during opening hours. We are happy to help you with advice about the different types of rolling papers. During the opening hours of the webshop you can reach us by calling 06-34848442, by mailing to or filling in the contact form.