Rolling Trays

Rolling trays and storage boxes for cannabis

These rolling trays are ideal for rolling your joint. Whether you are satisfied with a simple tray to roll on. Or rather a luxurious wooden box with LED lights. We have the most varied models. Most roll boxes have various compartments for the storage of your weed accessories. Most trays have a slightly curved wooden tray where you can easily roll your joint on.

The most famous and popular are the wooden Kavatza boxes. These wooden rolling trays are the ultimate stoners gift. The Kavatza box is the ideal aid for rolling and storing your stuff. Keep all your smoking supplies such as your rolling paper, filter tip, weed and a herb grinder in one box! These beautifully designed boxes can be ordered in various types and sizes. The original rolling tray has, among other things, a rolling paper holder and a wooden roll board. Moreover, the boxes have a secret closure so that it is not easy to open by someone who does not know how.

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