If you are looking for a good online headshop where you can buy cannabis seeds, 420Shop is the right place! In our shop you will find a wide range of cannabis strains. Here you can buy many different kinds of cannabis seeds, so there is always something to your liking! Take a look at the cannabis seeds in the shop and get inspired. If you have any questions, you can always contact our staff. They have all the necessary knowledge to give you the best possible service, every day of the week. Order on workdays before 16:20 and your cannabis seeds (if in stock) will be shipped the same day!

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Buy Cannabis Seeds

At 420Shop you can buy different kinds of cannabis seeds. The regular cannabis seeds that you can buy at 420Shop produce male plants and female cannabis plants. At 420Shop there is a wide range of cannabis varieties: Northern Light, White Widow, Power Plant & various types of Amnesia haze.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

At 420Shop you can also find feminized seeds. These are cannabis seeds that have two X chromosomes, so you are almost 100% sure that after germination female plants will emerge. If you don't want plants of the male sex, then ordering feminised seeds is the best option. You can also buy automatic flowering cannabis seeds at 420Shop.

Autoflowering Seeds

We have a wide range of autoflowering cannabis seeds. We have a wide range of autoflowering cannabis seeds with both Sativa and Indica genetics. An autoflowering cannabis plant automatically starts flowering as soon as the plant has enough branches to contain the flower buds. With regular cannabis seeds, the plant will go into bloom as soon as the days get shorter. Autoflowers will flower automatically. The advantage of this is that the cannabis plant will be ready to harvest faster. Autoflowering plants will remain relatively small and are ideal when you are short of growing space.

Pure Indica Seeds

Most cannabis plants are hybrid cannabis varieties. This means that the plants contain more Indica than Sativa genetics or vice versa. In addition, there are also pure cannabis plants. Barney's Farm, for example, has pure Indica varieties in its assortment: Triple Cheese and Ayahuasca Purple. But there are more seed banks with 100% or almost pure Indica strains. Refine your selection in the menu by choosing Indica strains and read more information about the effects and cultivation of Indica weed at the bottom of the page.

Pure Sativa Cannabis Strains

Besides Indica seeds there are also almost pure Sativa cannabis strains with at least 90% Sativa genetics. The Burmese Kush from Kera and Fast Bud Outdoor are examples of this. From the seeds you cannot see what genetics they contain. But once the plant starts growing you can recognize a Sativa cannabis plant by several things. These plants stretch out and can get big with thin long and light green leaves. A Sativa plant has a longer flowering time and is suitable for growing in a warm climate. At the bottom of the Sativa page you will find growing tips, effect and more information about this cannabis strain.

The Online Headshop

Online headshop 420Shop has an extensive assortment. Do you want a bong, a weed pipe, rolling papers, a vaporizer or do you want to buy cannabis seeds? For all these and many more high-quality products, 420Shop is the place to be! When you place an order, it is packaged safely and discreetly. Are you not satisfied with the product you received? Then you just get your money back!

Buy Cannabis Seeds At 420Shop

Do you want to buy cannabis seeds at 420Shop? Then take a look at our extensive assortment and make your choice. We understand that it can be difficult to make a choice from the extensive range. For advice or to ask a question, you can contact an expert staff member every day of the week who can tell you everything about cannabis. During the opening hours of the shop (between 10:00 and 17:00) you can reach an employee by calling 06-34848442.. Outside these hours, the best way to contact us is to send an e-mail to, fill in the contact form or send a WhatsApp message to 06-34848442. Via WhatsApp, 420Shop can be reached every day of the week to give advice and answer questions.

If we suspect that there is intent to commit illegal acts, we reserve the right to refuse the purchase. We apply a maximum of 25 seeds per order.

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