Feminized Seeds

If you are interested in buying feminised cannabis seeds, then you have come to the right place at 420 shop! We have a large selection of cannabis seeds and a lot of knowledge about the different strains of various brands. But what exactly are feminized cannabis seeds? And what is the advantage of this type of seeds compared to regular cannabis seeds? We are happy to explain it to you at the bottom of this page.

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What are Feminized Seeds?

Cannabis seeds that have been feminized have two X chromosomes. The advantage of buying these seeds is that it is 99.99% certain that they will grow into female plants after germination. This means that after planting 5 feminised cannabis seeds you can be sure that 5 plants will remain.

On this page you can only order feminised cannabis seeds. Are you looking for something special? Then refine your selection by specifying the desired characteristics, such as flowering time, seed type and THC or CBD level.

Cannabis Seeds: Male And Female Plants

The cannabis plant is hermaphroditic, which means that regular cannabis seeds can produce both male and female plants. The male plant produces pollen, which is of no use to you unless this pollen is used to grow seeds. When the female plant is pollinated, instead of producing thick weed buds she will use her energy to develop seeds. This does not benefit THC production, and finding seeds in your weed is a shame. So, it is very important that plants with male sexual characteristics are removed.

Feminized Seeds: 99.99% Chance Of Having Only Female Characteristics

There is a 0.01% chance that feminised seeds will produce plants with both female and male characteristics. A plant that has two sexual characteristics is called a hermaphrodite. Both regular and feminised seeds can become hermaphrodites. Some genetics are more likely to produce hermaphrodites. Stress experienced by the plants, for example due to an irregular light cycle, frequent movement or temperature fluctuations, can cause this.

Our Assortment Of Feminized And Regular Cannabis Seeds

We sell different types and brands of regular and feminised cannabis seeds. You can find them in our webshop. We also sell Royal Queen Seeds. All cannabis seeds in our entire Royal Queen assortment are feminised, so the seeds can only produce female cannabis plants. We also have Sensi Seeds in our assortment. These are both regular and female cannabis seeds produced by the famous Amsterdam seed bank 'Sensi Seeds'. This seed bank has over 25 years of experience in collecting, guarding and crossing high quality, powerful and exotic plants which grow all over the world. The seeds from this bank are therefore produced with great care and selected from the highest quality cannabis genetics.

Regular Seeds: Economical, But Time Consuming

A cheaper alternative to grow your own are our regular cannabis seeds. One advantage of buying these seeds is that you don't have to buy new cannabis seeds every time. With these seeds you can start growing your own, focusing on the desired characteristics and making your own crosses. A big advantage of regular cannabis seeds is that when the male plants are removed, the female specimens that remain are many times stronger and better able to withstand stress than in any other situation.

But then there is another important advantage of feminised cannabis seeds. Because even though they are more expensive to buy. You can achieve more results with fewer plants, less time and less space.

Interested In Feminized Cannabi Seeds?

Do you want to experiment with feminized cannabis seeds and are you planning to buy high-quality seeds? Then be sure to check out our wide and high-quality assortment. We offer a lot of choice and explanation with every product, so you'll be able to make the best choice. Do you still have questions about the product you want to buy? Or are you looking for more specific information about certain cannabis seeds? Then you can always contact us. We are happy to help you buy regular or feminised cannabis seeds.

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