Grow Supplies

Growing cannabis is not difficult at all. After you have selected your cannabis seeds, you will need a number of items to achieve the largest possible harvest. Buy the right things for your weed plants such as nutrition, pots, tools for harvesting and drying weed. But you can also buy a ready-made grow kit with everything included (including cannabis seeds).

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Grow Supplies

Cannabis plants need a number of things to grow and stay healthy. Important is a light source. For indoor growing you need lamps and outside the sun does the job. Fresh air is also important. So, make sure you have a good ventilation system. Besides, cannabis plants do very well in a rich soil. For a high yield you also need a number of growing materials.

What do you need?

First decide whether you are going to grow indoors or outdoors. Choose your cannabis seeds accordingly. To germinate the seeds you can use a spongepot. You also need nutrition. Plagron has the ready-made top grow box which contains everything you need. During the flowering period it is important to keep an eye on the buds with a microscope. In this way you can detect bud rot and pests early and determine the right moment to harvest your plant. When it's time to harvest, a pair of weed scissors is ideal to cut and for removing the smaller leaves. A drying rack is handy for drying your cannabis plants.

Grow Kit

A grow kit is especially handy for novice growers. The IGrowCan contains everything you need to grow your own weed. It also includes a manual that explains everything from germinating the seeds to harvesting your plants. This grow kit is available including seeds of various cannabis strains.

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