Many growers of cannabis plants use nutrition to achieve a bigger harvest, prevent leaf problems, stimulate roots, improve the soil, enhance the taste of the weed and much more. In this category, you will also find various growth and flowering nutrients for growing healthy cannabis plants

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Nutrition for cannabis plants

Growing cannabis plants is not difficult but there are some things that are useful to know. Healthy cannabis plants give the best results and using nutrition will help you get the most out of your plant. Keep in mind that cannabis plants can be sensitive to too many nutrients. It is therefore important to know what nutrition your plants need and when. Cannabis plants get all their nutrients from nature. But with the help of extra nutrition, the plants develop faster and produce a bigger yield. On this page you will find all the nutrition you need for growing cannabis plants.

Which nutrition do you give to cannabis plants?

First check which cannabis plants you are going to grow. Plants that flower automatically need less nutrients than photoperiodic plants. There is also a difference between indoor and outdoor growing and whether your plants are growing in hot or cold conditions. With each brand of nutrient, the ratio can differ slightly. It is therefore best to buy different nutrients from the same brand. When your plant is in the growth phase, you can start giving it growth nutrients. When your plants start flowering, you can switch to bloom feed. If you follow the growing schedule of the brand of nutrition you buy, not much can go wrong. But make sure you recognise growing problems and intervene right away.

Optimise the Growth of Your Weed Plants with the Right Nutrition

Choosing the right nutrition for cannabis plants is essential for healthy growth and a bountiful harvest. For outdoor growing, it is important to adapt nutrition to natural conditions. Here are some products you can use and how best to use them:

Power Buds Plagron: This flowering stimulator is specially designed for use in the flowering phase of plants, especially in cannabis cultivation. But can also be used in the cultivation of other flowering plants. This product is designed to stimulate the development of compact and heavy buds. It increases yield and harvest quality. It can be used in combination with other fertilisers and nutrients to optimise overall plant growth and flowering.

Calmag Pro Plagron: A supplement containing calcium and magnesium to supplement any deficiencies and promote healthy leaf growth. Calcium and magnesium contribute to the uptake of other nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Adding CalMag Pro can improve the uptake of these nutrients.

PK 13-14 Nutrition: This nutrient with high levels of phosphorus and potassium stimulates flower formation and creates thicker and heavier buds. This is often used in growing flowering crops such as cannabis, tomatoes and other flowering plants. The name "PK 13-14" refers to the ratio of the main nutrients in the fertiliser, namely phosphorus (P) and potassium (K).

Plagron Sugar: An additive that increases sugar production in the plant, resulting in better taste and aroma of the final products. For crops such as cannabis, Plagron Sugar can contribute to the development of resin glands, resulting in higher THC content and better bud quality. The sugars produced by the plant can act as energy reserves that the plant can use in times of stress, such as drought or disease.

Alga Bloom and Alga Grow: Specially designed for organic cultivation, these products contain all the nutrients needed for healthy growth and flowering. Alga Grow is intended for use in the vegetative growth phase of plants. During this phase, plants develop leaves, stems and roots. Alga Grow provides plants with all the essential nutrients needed for healthy growth, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Alga Bloom provides plants with the specific nutrients they need to support abundant flowering.

Terra Grow and Terra Bloom: Ideal for growing in soil, these products provide the right balance of nutrients for the growing and flowering phases, respectively. Terra Grow provides the nutrients on a more mineral basis, making it suitable for soil-based growing systems. Terra Bloom is specially designed for the flowering phase in soil-based growing systems.

What is the difference between Alga and Terra from Plagron?

Alga Grow and Alga Bloom are more focused on organic nutrients and are suitable for different growing systems, including soil and hydroponics. Terra Grow and Terra Bloom are more focused on mineral nutrients and are designed for soil-based growing systems. The choice between these products depends on your growing method, personal preferences and the specific needs of your crops during the vegetative growth and flowering stages.

Green Sensation Plagron: An all-in-one additive that stimulates plant flowering and maturation, resulting in improved yield and flavour. Using Green Sensation is usually simple; it is added to the regular nutrient solution during the flowering phase according to the recommended dosage on the package. It can be used in combination with other nutrients and supplements, depending on the specific needs of your crops and growing conditions.

PH Min and PH Plus: Essential to correct the pH level of your nutrient solution to optimise nutrient uptake. pH Min, also referred to as "pH down," is used to lower the pH level of a nutrient solution when it is too high. pH Plus, also referred to as "pH up," is used to raise the pH level of a nutrient solution when it is too low. The use of pH Min and pH Plus depends on the current pH level of the nutrient solution and the desired pH range. These products are usually added with care, and pH levels are checked with a pH meter or pH test strips to make adjustments accurately. It is important to follow the instructions on the packaging of these products to avoid overcorrection or over-fertilisation.

Powder Feeding Bio Bloom and Bio Grow: Complete and balanced nutrition in powder form, ideal for organic growing methods. Powder Feeding Bio Grow and Bio Bloom are formulated with organic and organic ingredients, making them suitable for organic farming methods. 

Powder Feeding Booster PK+: Increases phosphorus and potassium levels during the flowering phase for improved flower formation. The use of Powder Feeding Booster PK+ is usually temporary and focused on the flowering phase of plants. The exact timing of use may vary depending on the crop, growing conditions and specific nutritional needs of the plants. 

Bat Guano: A natural fertiliser rich in phosphorus and nitrogen. It improves soil fertility and stimulates healthy plant growth. Bat guano is particularly useful during the flowering phase of plants and fits well in organic growing systems because of its natural origin.

Mega Worm: A soil conditioner containing organic matter and micro-organisms that promote soil structure and soil life. It is mostly used in horticulture and when growing plants in the open ground. Before putting plants in the ground, you can use Mega Worm to improve the soil and prepare it for planting.

Vita Start: A growth stimulator that promotes root development and early plant growth. It can be used to stimulate seed germination. When repotting or moving young plants to larger pots or the garden, Vita Start can help ensure a smooth transition by stimulating root growth and reducing stress.

Pure Zym: This enzyme blend enhances the breakdown of dead roots and organic matter, improving nutrient uptake. Pure Zym can be used when preparing the soil for planting or repotting crops. After harvest, Pure Zym can be used to break down the remains of harvested plants and prepare the soil for the next growing season.

Cocos A+B: Specially designed nutrition for growing on coconut fibre, to provide all necessary nutrients. Cocos A+B can be used throughout the plant life cycle, including the vegetative growth and flowering stages. In addition, growers can use additional supplements and additives to meet specific needs of their plants. 

Vita Race: A stimulator that improves plant growth and resistance by stimulating the production of growth hormones. Vita Race can be used in the early vegetative growth phase of plants, during stress periods and during the flowering phase. 

Hydro A+B: is a nutrient solution developed specifically for hydroponic systems, such as hydroponic growing systems (DWC), drip systems, NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) and aeroponics. This two-component fertiliser system meets the needs of plants growing in hydroponics, with nutrients delivered directly to the roots. Besides Hydro A+B, additional supplements such as flowering enhancers, root stimulators and enzymes can be added to the nutrient solution to meet the specific needs of the plants.

Fish Force: can be used as a general fertiliser for growing a wide range of plants, including vegetables, fruits, ornamentals and trees. It provides essential nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, as well as micronutrients and organic materials that improve soil fertility.

Lemon Kick: is a product used to adjust the pH of the nutrient solution. It is designed to lower pH, and it is often used in situations where the pH of the nutrient solution is too high. It is often used in hydroponic systems, where plants are grown in an aqueous nutrient solution without soil. But it can also be used in traditional soil culture systems. In this case, it is added to the pouring water to influence the pH of the soil and root zone.


The above products are from the Plagron brand. This is a well-known and respected brand in the field of plant nutrition and soil improvement. The company has developed a wide selection of products designed to optimise plant growth and health. Plagron products are popular with both professional growers and hobbyists for their quality and effectiveness. They offer solutions for various growing conditions, including organic and mineral fertilisers, soil conditioners and supplements for specific plant growth stages.

How often should you feed your cannabis plant?

The frequency of feeding your cannabis plant depends on several factors, including the medium used, the life stage of the plant and the specific needs of the strain. In general, regular, well-balanced feeding is crucial for healthy growth and maximum yields. Keep a close eye on your plant's response to nutrition and adjust feeding schedules if necessary.

Problems with feeding

Using nutrition keeps the plant healthy with improved disease resistance and ensures maximum yields. But too much nutrition can cause problems and is harder to recover from than if you give too little. When you give too much nutrition to your plant, a nutrient blockage occurs. This prevents the plants from absorbing the nutrients properly. To fix this, it's best to flush the medium with water and start feeding again.

More grow supplies

Here you will find everything you need for successful cannabis cultivation. From high-quality cannabis seeds to harvesting equipment. We understand that the careful stages of drying, curing and storing cannabis are crucial for a high-quality end product. That's why we also offer the right growing supplies and storage options to ensure your harvest always remains fresh, flavourful and potent. We are here to support you every step of the growing process.

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