Indica Seeds

Check out our selection of cannabis seeds with Indica dominant genes and refine your selection in the menu by choosing indoor or outdoor cultivation, feminized, flowering time, CBD and THC levels and price. Read more information about the cultivation and effect of Indica weed at the bottom of the page.

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Indica Seeds

Cannabis Indica belongs to one of the three cannabis families. There are thousands of different cannabis strains all with various characteristics. Knowing the differences between these strains will help growers decide which seeds to buy. Through crossbreeding cannabis strains, hybrid plants have been created. These strains are a combination of two or three types from the cannabis families. 

How do you recognize an Indica plant?

There are a several differences between Indica and Sativa. You can easily recognize an Indica plant by looking at its structure and leaves. In addition, Indica and Sativa plants also differ in color.

Indica Cannabis Plant:

  • The Indica cannabis plant has a bushy structure and remains relatively small (60 - 180cm).
  • The leaves of Indica plants are broad, short and dark green in color.
  • The buds are heavy and compact.
  • Indica cannabis plants have a short flowering period (7-9 weeks on average).
  • Suitable for growing in cold climates.
  • Less susceptible to bud rot and mold.
  • Indica weed contains higher CBD content on average.

Growing Indica Weed

The Indica plant is suitable for growing indoors and responds well to the SOG technique. It flowers faster and has a higher yield than a Sativa plant. On average, Indica's have a shorter flowering time than Sativa plants. She is also relatively easier to grow and maintain. She will not stretch as much as a Sativa does and her compact buds will provide a good yield. The shorter flowering time of the Indica is an advantage for outdoor growers in colder climates. But if you want to grow a Sativa outdoors in a humid climate, choose autoflowering seeds. These are cannabis seeds with Ruderalis genetics.

What is Ruderalis?

Most cannabis users know the terms Sativa and Indica. But what is Cannabis Ruderalis? In addition to Indica and Sativa, this can be seen as a third cannabis strain. However, growing a pure Ruderalis is not very interesting because these plants contain a low THC percentage. This variety will flower automatically and is not dependent on the light cycle. These are also called autoflowering plants. Some strains are crossed with a Ruderalis for the special qualities of this plant. A hybrid with Ruderalis genetics has more advantages. The cannabis plants have a short flowering time, contain more cannabinoids and are ready to harvest faster.

What is the effect of Indica Weed?

The effect of Indica weed can be described as relaxing, calming and sedating. Sativa weed has more effect on the mind and Indica on the body. Thanks to its CBD content, the weed can relieve pain and help with insomnia and stress. The best time of day to smoke or vape Indica weed is in the evening. It has a sleep-inducing effect and can also stimulate the appetite. Put some tasty snacks on the table in case the well-known munchies kicks in. After smoking this weed, you will be feeling stoned and experience physical relaxation and it can give you a couch-lock feeling.

Buy Indica Seeds

Buy cannabis seeds and grow your own Indica weed. Of course, choosing between so many Indica strains is difficult. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call our staff, they will be happy to help you. But they are also available during opening hours via WhatsApp sending a message to 00316-34848442. You can also send an email to  or fill out the contact form.

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