Regular Seeds

Why would you buy cannabis seeds every time? With regular seeds you can grow your own seeds and select the desired properties. Whether you are looking for an Indica with short flowering time, a hybrid weed strain, or Sativa seeds to make your own cross, in our online seed shop you will find various seeds of the best breeders.

The benefits of regular cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds are created in the female plant when fertilized by the pollen of the male plant. The advantage of regular seeds is that when the male plants are removed, the remaining women are very strong and stress resistant. The chance of hermaphrodites in regular seeds is nil, these are plants with both male and female sexual characteristics (you do not want them in your grow room).

  • The plants are stress resistant.
  • The chance of hermaphrodites is nil.
  • Select, cross and grow your own strain.
  • Ultimately it is cheaper to grow regular seeds.
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