Sativa Seeds

Check out our selection of cannabis seeds with Sativa dominant genes and refine your selection in the menu by choosing indoor or outdoor cultivation, feminized, flowering time, CBD and THC levels and price. Read more information about the cultivation and effect of Sativa weed at the bottom of the page.

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Sativa Seeds

Cannabis strains can be divided into three cannabis families. These include Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis cannabis strains. In addition, there are also many hybrid cannabis strains, all with diverse characteristics. These are cannabis seeds that contain a mix of Sativa, Indica and/or Ruderalis genetics. Growing pure Ruderalis is not interesting because it produces too little THC. Ruderalis is mainly used to cross with an Indica or Sativa strain to develop autoflower seeds. This allows you to grow plants that flower automatically but can also contain a high THC percentage. To buy the right cannabis seeds it is useful if you know the difference between Sativa and Indica strains.

How to Recognize a Sativa Weed Plant

A Sativa cannabis plant looks slightly different than an Indica plant. The cannabis Sativa plant grows naturally in warm and tropical climates. These plants like warm, long summers with lots of sunshine. This allows some cannabis seeds to grow into cannabis trees. The Sativa cannabis plant is not only large but also has large distances between buds. The plant has thin, long light green leaves.

Sativa Weed Plant:

  • The Sativa plant stretches and can grow tall (200-300cm).
  • The leaves are thin, long and light green in color.
  • Long flowering time (10-16 weeks).
  • The cannabis buds are long and stretched and there can be large distances between buds.
  • Suitable for growing outdoors in warm climates.

Growing Sativa Weed

The flowering time of a Sativa cannabis plant is longer than that of an Indica plant. During the flowering phase, this variety grows even taller. When grown outdoors, some of these plants can reach up to 3 meters. A pure Sativa does not have the compact buds that an Indica develops which results in a lower yield than an Indica plant. Sativas are often crossed with Indicas to increase yield and also to shorten the flowering phase. If you are growing Sativa dominant strains indoors then training and/or using the ScrOG method is recommended. If you want to grow Sativa weed outdoors in a cold and humid climate, buy autoflower seeds. These are cannabis seeds with Ruderalis genetics.

What is the effect of Sativa Weed? 

When you smoke pure Sativa weed you get high and can be described as a creative and stimulating sensation for the mind. You get a euphoric feeling and it gives energy. This is why Sativa cannabis is enjoyable to smoke during the day. Many cannabis strains are hybrids. This means that the weed is not purely Sativa but also contains Indica genetics. You can also notice this in the effect. If you smoke Sativa dominant weed you will experience the Sativa high which then turns into a typical Indica relaxing body stone. Some think that high and stoned mean the same thing, but there is a difference. You could say that Sativa weed gets you high and Indica weed gets you stoned.

Buy Sativa Seeds

Buy cannabis seeds and grow your own Sativa weed. For each seed, you will find information on the effect of the weed, tips on how to care for the weed plant, THC and CBD content etc. We have many Sativa strains in our assortment so choosing the right seeds can sometimes be difficult. If you have any questions you can always call our costumer service, they are happy to help you. But they are also available during opening hours via WhatsApp 06-34848442. You can also send an email to or fill out the contact form.

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