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Green House

Green House Seed Company

Many times distinguished by various national and international awards. already 34 High Times Cannabis Cups and 17 Highlife cups. Green House Seed Company is the market leader in cannabis genetics. All Green House Seeds are feminised (female seeds). Various autoflower strains are also available.

Strain Hunters / King of Cannabis
Arjan, owner and founder, also known as "The King of Cannabis" has been awarded many times for his work. He has always worked to create the best genetics in the world. For 25 years he has been searching the world for the best strains, as can be seen in the strainhunters documentaries. Since 2013 the consumer can buy the seeds via the Strain Hunters Seedbank

  1. €25.00

    Genetics: Northern Lights 5 X Haze Mist
    Effect: A very complex and enjoyable high.              
    Flowering indoor: 11 weeks with a production up to 700 gr/sqm.
    Flowering outdoor: Ready in mid October above the equator; in May in the Southern hemisphere.  800 gr/plant

    THC 14,64
    CBD 1,22
    CBN 0,15

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    The Green House Seed bank has a lot of different seeds. Each strain is packaged per 3 or 5 seeds. With the mix packs you are able to buy a pack of 5 seeds with 5 different strains.

    Green House Seeds has a lot of different strains. Each strain is packed per 3 or 5 seeds. With a mix pack you are able to buy 5 different strains in one pack. Learn More