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Kera Seeds

Kera Seeds

The Kera Seedbank has unique & special cannabis strains, 100% original genetics, own seeds cultivation and production. All seeds are feminized and extremely suitable for home growing.

Kera Seeds has various autoflower seeds in thir collection. In addition, many famous names such as Critical, Skunk, OG Kush, Top 44, White Widow and many more popular cannabis varieties. Like the Top 44: a fast flowering cannabis plant that can be harvested after 44 days.

  1. White Thunder is cheap, easy to grow and has a high yield. It is an Indica dominant cannabis plant with a short flowering period of only 8 weeks. White Thunder has a strong effect and a delicious taste. These cannabis seeds are relatively inexpensive and very suitable for the novice grower. So it is not so bad to make beginners mistakes.

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