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Nirvana Seeds

Nirvana Seeds

The history of Nirvana dates back to the end of the 1980s. At that time, Nirvana's founder was employed at the most famous Amsterdam grow shop, the legendary "Positronics". Because of the knowledge and inspiration he received there, he was thinking about starting his own cannabis seed bank.

Years were spent traveling, looking for and collecting the best cannabis strains and seeds. Nirvana then spent years experimenting, growing, crossing and developing new cannabis strains. Nirvana has a number of strong and well-known cannabis strains in their possession, including the Pure Power Plant (PPP). Beloved by many Dutch growers.

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    Bubblelicious heeft een krachtige groei en bloei (ongeveer 8 weken). Bubblelicious heeft een zeer hoog THC gehalte en een zoete bubblegum (kauwgom) geur en smaak.

    Bloeitijd: 8 tot 10 weken
    Bloeitijd buiten: Bubblelicious kan buiten worden gekweekt maar voor het beste resultaat kweek je haar binnen.
    Opbrengst: 400 tot 500 gram per m2 in SOG (Sea Of Green).
    Cannabinoïden: THC: 18-24%, CBD: 0,80%, CBN: 0,23%.

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  2. €25.00

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    Swiss Cheese Nirvana

    Bloeitijd : 6 tot 8 weken
    Hoogte : Medium; Indica/Sativa Mix
    Opbrengst : 400 tot 500 gram per m2.
    Effect : Stoned & High
    Cannabinoïden : THC: 15-18%, CBD: 0,18%, CBN: 0,13%.

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