Cannabis Strains

The most famous cannabis strains are the cannabis Sativa and cannabis Indica. These varieties have different properties, both in appearance and effect. To be able to make a good choice from our wide range of cannabis seeds, it is useful if you are familiar with the different cannabis strains.


What kinds of cannabis strains are there?

There are many cannabis strains, each with unique genetics and qualities. Many strains were created by crosses of the main strains listed below. For example, there are several Haze combinations. A well-known coffee shop weed is the Amnesia Haze. You want to grow your own weed but you have no idea which strain to choose, below you will find the best strains.

The Most Popular Cannabis Strains 

To make it easier for you to choose from the various types of cannabis seeds, we have listed the most popular strains.


Amnesia is a sativa dominant strain with a high thc percentage and a low CBD value, she has a powerful psychedelic effect. The Amnesia has a typical fresh citrus taste and smell. The effects are euphoric and physically stoned, a real 'couchlock' strain. After smoking this cannabis strain it's hard to get off the couch. Read more about the Amnesia cannabis strain here.

Blue Strains

Cannabis seeds of the blue weed variety all have one thing in common. The weed from this 'blue family' are all related to the original Blueberry. But why is growing blue cannabis so popular? The effect is quite strong, long lasting and the weed tastes like sweet berries. In addition, growers are especially excited about the high quality of this weed and the blue tones that the weed plants get at lower temperatures. Read more about blue cannabis strains and growing tips here.


The Cheese cannabis strain has become popular for its spicy flavor. In addition, the cannabis plants produce a lot of THC-rich trichomes. Because of this, this weed is used for medicinal reasons such as against pain, depression and anxiety. Also, the weed stimulates appetite. Read on here if you want to know more about how to grow Cheese cannabis plants.


Haze is a Sativa dominant weed plant. Haze has a high THC and low CBD content. The original haze plant has a long flowering time, sometimes twice that of Indica plants. In hybrid haze crosses, the flowering period has been considerably reduced thanks to the genetics of indica varieties. The buds of a Haze plant are, like most pure Sativas, long and thin with large intervals. Haze is loved for its unique smell, taste and strong psychedelic high.


The Kush weed variety comes from the Hindu Kush mountains and quickly became a popular weed amongst users and growers. Kush weed can be recognized by its brightly colored buds with dark green tones. She has a high THC percentage and reduces anxiety, stress and insomnia. Kush has Indica dominant genes and gives you a powerful physical high. 

Purple Strain

Weed does not necessarily have to be green but can have different colors. A very famous purple weed variety is the Purple Haze. The purple cannabis strain is special because of its color and it is often strong weed. Read more about purple weed varieties and growing them.


This weed variety probably owes its name to the strong aroma. The original Skunk #1 was cultivated by Sacred Seed Co. in the late 1970s. Several Skunk variations were later marketed by Dutch Passion, Flying Dutchmen, Nirvana Seeds, and Royal Queen Seeds and Sensi Seeds. It is a high-yielding hybrid weed with a euphoric high. In the United Kingdom the term skunk is synonymous with good strong weed.

White Strain

The most famous white weed variety is the White Widow, an old school weed variety that is on almost every coffee shop's list. The White Widow has won many cannabis awards since its creation in 1994. Opinions are divided about who discovered this world-famous plant. Over the years many hybrids have been put on the market by numerous breeders, but what was the original White Widow? Read more about white cannabis varieties and see what other cannabis seeds belong to the white family.

What is the Best Type of Weed? 

What the best type of weed is different for everyone. To find out which weed is best for you, you can ask yourself a few questions. After smoking weed, do you want to continue doing your daily things actively? Then Sativa weed is a good choice. This will give you more energy and it has a mentally stimulating effect. Or are you looking for weed to relax in the evening? Then buy Indica weed. This has a relaxing and calming effect. Of course, there are also many hybrid cannabis plants whose weed has Sativa and Indica genetics. Do you want a strong strain of weed with a high THC content or are you looking for CBD weed for medicinal reasons? CBD weed is mainly used for pain relief, sleep and- eating disorders and more. Read more about this on our CBD cannabis seeds page.

Which Cannabis has which Effect? 

You can divide the effect of cannabis into two types. The weed can be Indica, Sativa or a combination of both. In the case of hybrid varieties, it is indicated which genetics dominate. Indica dominant weed varieties, for example, have a relaxing effect. But the beginning of the high you can often also notice the Sativa influences. After smoking Indica dominant weed you can experience a euphoric, mental high (typical Sativa effect) which slowly turns into a relaxing and calming feeling (Indica effect). The THC content also influences the effect of the weed. The more THC percentage the weed contains, the stronger the weed.

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